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Three Sunless Tanning Solutions

Although I do believe pale is the new tan, it’s nice to have a little color as it starts to get warmer and we strut around campus in slightly skimpier clothing. I am not talking Jersey Shore level here people. In fact, I don’t recommend ever stepping foot in a tanning bed. No one wants to be a wrinkly old (sometimes young) person. Plus, your skin is too fragile to be messed with.

So, to get a little color this Spring/Summer, try these quick and easy solutions. (Notice Jergens doesn’t even make the list.)

3: The lightest shade of a spray tan.

I normally would not recommend spray tans- as it’s hard to avoid Oompa Loompa status- but the lightest shade can create natural looking color. I got my first and only spray at Club Casa Tanning in Cohasset, MA. and would look no further.

2: Nivea products

Nivea has created tanning lotions for “radiant skin” and more specifically, “beautiful legs,” with both fair to medium and medium to dark tones, for a more customized usage.

1: L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Mist

L’Oreal has created my go-to sunless tanning product, a mist that is easy-on and leaves minimal to no smudges or smears. This spray creates a gradual, yet noticeable tan for a natural look.

Through my sunless tanning adventures, I’ve made many rookie mistakes, but learned some key tips on the way. My mom is a self proclaimed professional fake-tanner and has taught me well. Some tips to note:

-Before applying any sort of sunless tan, make sure skin is exfoliated. Moisturize well beforehand. Let moisturizer dry. Remove any jewelry.

-Let tanning product dry completely before getting dressed to prevent any uneven marks. Standing in front of a fan naked works like a charm (and is pleasantly freeing.)

-Hands can be a major problem area with tanning lotions and sprays, but wearing gloves will prevent that. I do not wear gloves, however, because having pale hands is a strange look on me. But whatever works for ya. Instead, I apply the lotion/mist without any hand protection, and wipe palms with a warm, soapy face cloth when finished.

-The face is perhaps the biggest problem area, in that fake tanners are not usually suitable for the area. There’s the issue of clogging pores, which is a big no-no in my book. So my advice is to try a good bronzer or tinted moisturizer. I highly recommend Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, but much less expensive brands can be found at drug stores. To create natural looking color (a common theme here), accentuate cheekbones.

So there you have it. The best sunless tanning methods as told by me. But keep in mind my biggest tip of all: a little goes a long way and subtlety is KEY.


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