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Summer Survival Kit editorial: White Fur

Summer is here! We can all finally unwind and take some well deserved time to do things that we don’t have time for during the school year. What better way to relax than reading a book while getting your tan on!


Not sure what to read? Check out the book White Fur by Jardine Libaire.


The romance fiction novel set in the 1980s tells the story of how two young adults fall in love in despite their dramatically different upbringings. Elise Perez, a high school dropout who ran away from her home in Bridgeport falls for her New Haven, Connecticut neighbor Jamey Hyde, a junior at Yale who was born in raised in NYC. Their relationship has a sense of “forbidden love” that can be paralleled to Romeo and Juliet; however, Jardine Libaire depicts the love between Elise and Jamey in a much more passionate, sexual way. Amidst the romance, the storyline takes a deeper look at the challenges that surface surrounding social class and race.


Overall, White Fur is your perfect, intriguing summer romance book. Grab a copy at your local bookstore or look for it online!



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