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The Olympics mark a time for national pride and binge-watching swimming, gymnastics and the other sports we love or love to pretend we understand. Preparation for the Summer 2016 Olympics is well underway in Rio de Janeiro. Alongside the usual sports like tennis, beach volleyball and cycling, arises two new sports this year, golf and rugby sevens.


After over 100 years, golf is making a return to the games. The announcement received mixed reactions, partially due to the unclear format of the courses and who qualifies. The players will have another exciting chance to showcase their talent and go up against players from around the globe. Alongside a chance at a gold medal, they will have an opportunity to help the game grow.


It took over 90 years for Rugby sevens to come back to the Olympics. Teams are thrilled for a greater and diversified level of exposure to the game. Apparently, the rules are pretty simple to follow, making it an exciting addition to watch.  


A few people to look out for:

On the U.S. team for gymnastics, Simone Biles holds the reputation for being one of the most decorated female gymnasts in the nation’s history, at only 18 years old.


For US women’s swimming, Katie Ledecky will be back again after winning gold in London back in 2012.  


In track and field, Usain Bolt will run for his last Summer Olympics.  


For those who don’t have a flag to represent, refugees will get a chance to participate with their own collective team. Yusra Mardini, 18, is hoping to compete  


Hopefully the Zika virus and political unrest in Brazil will not have a major impact on the games, but of course the safety of those at risk is most important.  

Looking forward to August, there is a lot to be excited about with the return of familiar faces and introduction to new, unbelievable talent.

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