The Struggles of Moving as a Hoarder

**Disclaimer - I am not an actual hoarder, I just have a LOT of stuff**

I live just a half hour outside of Boston, which has provided me the luxury of having a car to drive me and all my stuff in to move for each semester. This close proximity means that if I go home, I bring more stuff back. If I decide to go shopping, I’m adding more to the equation. I love shopping, and it’s all fun and games until I realize how much I have to pack. Here are my stages of realization.


  1. Denial: I’m not leaving, I don’t have that much stuff, it will be really easy to pack.


  1. Realization: While cooking yesterday, I realized that not only do I have to pack up my entire room but half of the kitchen… (my roommate is staying so her stuff is safe).


  1. Procrastination: I will pack at the last minute.


  1. Self-Loathing: Why do I have so much stuff and why do I feel the need to bring it all everywhere I go?


  1. Exhaustion: 5 hours later, still packing (with some breaks of course).


  1. Elation: I DID IT. All my stuff, packed.


  1. Exhaustion pt. 2: loading the car can be hard work.


  1. Shock: When I remember I’m flying across the country and that I have to pack less…