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Starting the Spring Semester as Told by Andy Dwyer

After a month off from class you’re ready to hit the ground running and ace the semester!


You feel energized, refreshed, and ready to face any challenges that comes your way.  


But then you realize that all your midterms and papers are due at the same time.  


You convince yourself you have tons of time to finish everything and try to drag your friends out of the library for some fun.  


At the time $4 shots and Netflix binge sessions seem way more important than some silly essay!  


But soon it’s Sunday night and you remember all the homework you left until the last minute.  


Your attention span in class begins to dwindle and you find yourself looking up random Wikipedia articles instead of taking notes.  


You begin to procrastinate so much that just thinking about school is too stressful.  


You try to convince yourself it’s not the end of the world if you bomb one test and you’re still a good person  


But then you get midterm grades back and start to question all your life choices  


Especially when you remember that this was the semester you were suppose to get your life together.  


You tell yourself everything is okay during all nighters and that you won’t let it happen again  


Soon you realize the inevitable; this semester is going to be as crazy as the last one and the ones before that.  


At least you have your friends to help maintain your sanity  


And you can always try again in the fall!  

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