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Songs To Listen To While Walking To Class

Here is a peek into my current playlist this semester:

  1. “Water Flow” by Kylne 

With a nice beat and soft melody, “Water Flow” is the perfect song to listen to when walking to class in the morning. Once the beat picks up, so will your steps. This song is the perfect background noise when admiring your surroundings. 

  1. “Get Along Better” by Drake, Ty Dolla $ign 

Drake always knows how to make a song to put you in your feels. “Get Along Better” has such a strong beat that you’ll make it to your next class in no time. Ty Dolla $ign’s melody at the end really brings the song together making it all the more sweeter to finish the tune as you arrive at your next class.

  1. “I Wanna Be Yours” by Arctic Monkeys 

If you are looking for indie fall vibes, this song is perfect for you. “I Wanna Be Yours” by Arctic Monkeys is the perfect song to romanticize your love life (or nonexistent love life) while on a walk with the wind blowing in your face. This song is perfect for zoning out when walking to class!

  1. “NO HAY LEY” by Kali Uchis 

This song is so upbeat that your steps will increase, and you will make it to your next class in no time. “NO HAY LEY” is definitely for those that love a good Spanish song with a great melody. Kalis Uchis is a queen so, of course, she gave the girls an amazing beat for walking to class! 

  1. “Pink + White” by Frank Ocean 

“Pink + White” by Frank Ocean is such a classic. With the perfect lyrics for a nice stroll, Frank Ocean created a soothing tune that can calm your nerves before any test or quiz you have in your next class. Consider this song essential to your walking-to-class playlist! 

  1. “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts 

“Life is a Highway” is such a throwback anthem. It is the perfect song to get your day started and raise your spirits. With upbeat and encouraging lyrics, this song will have you walking on beat with your head held high. Throwbacks are a staple for raising your mood when walking to class. The nostalgia of this song takes you to such a good place that you can’t help but add it to your playlist. 

  1. “Eventually” by Tame Impala 

“Eventually” by Tame Impala is another great song to set the mood. With a deeper beat, “Eventually” is a great song for the fall.  It is a  great distractor and energizing song is the perfect background noise when walking to class. Since the song is 5 minutes in length, you have a melody keeping you on track as you get to class. This is a playlist must, especially if you like alternative music. 

  1. “Mr. Cadillac” by Mac Saturn 

“Mr. Cadillac” is another alternative song that has an amazing beat for walking to class. “Mr. Cadillac” has a catchy tune and some singable lyrics that can distract you on your way to class. It is the perfect way to tune out the noise and traffic when walking to class. “Mr. Cadillac” is definitely a song you should consider adding to your playlist and definitely give the band a listen if you like this song! 

  1. “N Side” by Steve Lacy 

If you love TikTok, you definitely know this song. Taking over TikTok trends, “N Side” has such a catchy beat that it definitely fits the nice weather we have been having. At the same time, the chill melody is perfect for walking to class. This song definitely deserves a spot on your playlist, just like it earned its top spot on TikTok! 

  1.  “Amores de Droga” by Girl Ultra 

Finally, the last song on this playlist is “Amores de Droga”, a totally underrated song. It is another Latinx song with a great beat that puts a little extra in your step! This song definitely uplifts your mood, and in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Girl Ultra, a Mexican musician, is definitely an underrated artist you should try listening to! 

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