So I Decided to Try Sorority Recruitment

Never. I never thought I would want to join a sorority but there I was on September 14th

lining up with 500 girls to meet the different sorority chapters on campus for the first day of recruitment. The day began with all the girls being split into groups and asked to line up outside of doors silently and in alphabetical order. While anxiously waiting outside the door to meet the first chapter, I was left wondering what exactly I wanted to say and wondering who I wanted to be when I walked in. What were these sorority girls looking for during the recruitment process? Was it based on personality or looks? Was there a mold I needed to conform to? I knew I was going to be judged and evaluated when I walked in, I just did not know what criteria I was trying to meet. Finally, there was a walkie talkie countdown and a loud knock. The silent air was broken by a thunderous, and if I am being completely honest, rather chilling outburst of chanting. The doors opened and it was showtime.

I was astonished by the scale of it all. The countdowns, the knocking, the transitions between chapters. Everything was perfectly calculated and synchronized making me feel like I was in a covert operation of some sort. No phones, no personal belongings, no meals. Most of the rooms did not have windows either. I felt completely isolated and disconnected from the outside world which I was told was the point of it all. All that mattered was the sororities and making a good impression. I was reminded to smile every time I was about to walk into a new chapter’s doors.

Am I happy I decided to try recruitment? Yes. I found that many girls were just looking for more friends or trying to break out of the bubble. Many of the girls were relatable and honest, and I find myself still saying hi and keeping in contact with the girls I met during the process.