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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

This Black Friday, on Nov. 26, I took to my local mall with my younger sister, $100 and a lot of patience. Other than the long lines and disorganized merchandise, one thing at every store I visited served as a source of frustration: the lack of a size range. 

As someone who fluctuates between the larger sizes of mainstream clothing ranges and the smaller end of plus-sized ones, shopping can prove especially frustrating. Between discrepancies in brand sizing and lack of inclusivity by trendy labels, buying new clothing is less of a treat and more of a chore. 

So when I returned home from an especially frustrating afternoon of sale-scouring, I searched the internet for brands with inclusive sizing (and cute clothes) from underwear to outerwear. Here’s what I found.


We’ve all seen Kim K’s curves in Skims, her well-known undergarment brand. However, I had no clue that Skims offered flattering loungewear, underwear and bras in sizes ranging from  XXS-XXXXXL. Another plus? The line’s wide range of nude tones for customers of all skin colors.

Hey Mavens

This woman-owned brand deems itself “body neutral” and carries undergarments from functional to flirty in sizes XXS to 10XL. The different styles, fabrics, colors and patterns also offer a lot of options whether you’re looking for something fun or more basic. 

SuperFit Hero:

Hitting the gym can be daunting enough. The last thing anyone wants to worry about is the fit of their leggings, or if their sports bra will be reliable enough to last throughout the workout. SuperFit Hero has the cutest athletic attire for a plethora of sizes (up to 7XL). 

Good American:

One thing everyone needs is a good pair of jeans. But, at least for me, jean shopping is usually a nightmare — too loose in the waist, too tight in the thighs, etc. Good American carries a wide range of sizes up to U.S. size 32, giving everyone the chance to find that perfect fit. 


H&M has been one of my favorites recently due to their cute and comfortable styles in a range of sizes. They’re in tune with trends like faux leather, flare bottoms and chunky jewelry. Plus, delivery of their online selection has been surprisingly reliable recently despite shipping delays. 


SmartGlamour has an impressive range of sizing (XXS to 15XL) in dresses, pants, tops and swimwear. But the section I was most impressed with was their outerwear. From raincoats to trenchcoats to cardigans, this brand has options to keep every body warm in every season.