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Six Reasons Why I Will Never Regret NOT Studying Abroad

1.  It’s expensive.

Although most universities and colleges offer different plans you can go on, in terms of financial help, the costs and expenses can accumulate quickly— and that doesn’t include expenses for all of the things you will want to do and places you will want to explore once you’re actually there. Depending on your major and when you choose to go abroad, (insert country here) might not offer the classes you need in order to graduate— potentially putting you behind once you arrive back home, which could possibly end up costing you more money for those missing credits.


2. Homesickness is no joke.

People who study abroad tend to leave out the part where they get homesick after the first month or so of being away. Being abroad will force you out of your comfort zone whether you like it or not. The array of different languages, food and diversity can cause some serious homesickness for your own country. Some people think that this is something that is manageable when abroad, but it is no joke. It can cause anxiety and stress that in some cases can lead to severe physical illness.


3. You miss out.

When you leave, life goes on. Your friends will make new friends, meet new people, date new people, get into the best classes— life happens. Yeah, they will keep in touch every so often and ask how you’re doing, but it is inevitable that you will miss out on things you used to always be there for. And trust me, five months missed at your university can end up feeling like a lot of time.


4. A better education will not be found overseas.

Think about it, people come from all over the world to attend the numerous colleges and universities in America, so why are you leaving? You most likely are not going to get a better scholarly education overseas, especially considering how much money you are throwing down for those 4-5 courses.


5. College is not the only time in your life that you will be able to travel, so stop telling yourself that.

Now isn’t the only time in your life that you can study abroad or travel. You have the rest of your life to go to the places you’ve always wanted to go and see all of the things you’ve always wanted to see. What about internships after college? Or taking time off after college to travel and explore before settling down to a job?


6. There are other ways to travel than leaving the country for 5 months!

It has no doubt become a trend for students to study abroad in college, and the people who have no interest in it are constantly told how much of a regret it will be if they don’t— but there are other ways to travel than to leave the country for five months. In fact, most colleges and universities offer other alternatives in going abroad such as summer study abroad programs (five weeks long), EF tours (which is a great program to travel to multiple places around the world in the course of as little as two weeks) or applying to go on a summer internship.


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