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1. “Just because she’s tiny and has no eyebrows doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian.” – Overheard in Ryder

2. “Don’t let your girl complain to other guys. Remember, a shoulder to cry on is a dick to ride on.” – Overheard walking to Snell

3. Girl 1: What the hell is a warth-og?

Girl 2: Oh honey, that says Warthog.

– Overheard in Curry

4. “Cinco de Mayo is on May 5th this year?” – Overheard in the YMCA

5. Skinny girl: “Ugh! My fat has commitment issues, it won’t leave my side.”- Overheard at Marino

6. Roommate One: Oh my god, (panting) sorry, I’m sweating, I was just running

Roommate Two: Why were you running?

Roommate One: Because…I was trying to get somewhere….faster

Roommate Two: …. Isn’t that the definition of running?

– Overheard in my dorm room

7. “Realistically there are only 20 guys at Northeastern who want to be in a relationship. And they’re all on the crew team. And in relationships.” – Overheard in West Village A South

8. “I took four flights of stairs to avoid being in the same elevator as my teacher.”- Overheard in Ryder

9. “I don’t know if you’ve heard of a place called Marino, but I’m kind of a big deal there.” – Overheard at Stetson East

10. “Guys I didn’t have to walk to class today! The IV wind tunnel just pushed me all the way.” – Overheard at IV Dining

11. “Being in a relationship takes so much energy. You have to like, think about a whole other person whenever you make a decision.” – Overheard in Robinson

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