Review of Beauty and the Beast

As children, many of us adored the Disney Princesses (I know I did) and some of us even wanted to become them. Belle, to me, has always been a pure and understanding soul that was a true princess even without marrying a prince. She was literate, she saw beyond the superficial ugliness of the beast, she stood up for herself, and she even tried to teach another young girl how to read, which in the setting of this story was frowned upon. We were graced with the chance to see this movie come to life once again when the live action version was released.

The new movie stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast and takes the 1991 cartoon into a new world as it blends new elements into the story that add enormous flavor to it. The movie has quickly risen to the top of the charts and rightfully so; it is extremely well directed and produced. The music is enlightening and Watson’s voice is refreshing. Watson is the true embodiment of a princess and the perfect Belle.

The movie has become the number 1 movie in the world as well as holding the position for the number 1 in the box office list for two weeks in a row. The film proved to have a beautifully crafted cast as well as illuminating music that incorporated some of the original film’s songs as well as new ones that went perfectly with the story. The set of the remake was extremely elaborate. The castle was made to be terrifying and mysterious but turned into a beautiful sight when the spell broke and everything turned magical once again.

The enchanted servants were beautifully made; the relationships between them were as natural and sweet as those in the original movie. Cogsworth and Lumiere bickered as naturally as they did in the original film and their relationship continued to bring laughter to the audience. The love story was the most beautiful part of the film as it tied together the many characters as they watched the romance unfold around them and it made it a more relatable story. The added scenes, though changing the classic, original story, felt like they should’ve been a part of the original film and flowed naturally and elegantly.

The movie completely embodies the moral of acceptance and understanding as the characters slowly grow to see past the surface and what someone looks like and learning to see the beauty that is on the inside. The creation of the witch character who removes the spell and saves Belle’s father is a new element that shows children the power of forgiveness and love. It will bring about a new era in which children learn to understand the beauties of the simple things in life and as they learn to see beneath the surface. The movie is funny, relatable, inspiring, and most of all magical.