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In just under 3 weeks, Northeastern University will yet again be participating in its Relay for Life event. As part of the American Cancer Society, this event has been held since 1985 and at Northeastern since 2009. The event is meant to celebrate, remember and fight back against a disease that has affect so many lives around the world. 

Last year, Northeastern raised just over $246,000 and had 2,750 participants made up of students, faculty and staff. The Hope Lodge, which offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay when the patients must travel for their treatment, is just one of the things that the money raised will go to. With last year’s funds, our school was able to pay for 8 years’ worth of families living there. All the money raised will help either in the category of research, patient care, or the recovery process.

Everyone has a personal story about how cancer has affected their lives; lost loved ones, helped someone recover or survived themselves. I know that this past year, I was personally affected more than usual as my family lost a loved one to stage four cancer in December. I walk for her memory and so that others won’t experience the same thing. This past October, my good friend was diagnosed and had to return home, for treatment; our team, Hoffboyz II Hoffman, is in support of her.  

For whatever reason you walk, Relay for Life is a place of support and builds a community to fight back. It’s not too late to join and fundraise for this event! I encourage everyone to gather their friends and make a team as we celebrate the lives of those lost and still around and fight so that more may survive!

Some upcoming notes about the event:

Date: March 20, 2015

Where: Matthews Arena

Time: 6pm-6am (March 21, 2015)

*If you raise $100 you get a participant T-Shirt

*Anyone can sign up until midnight of the event

*Bring food, drinks, games & CASH!

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