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Ray Iannuccillo, 2014

Name: Ray Iannuccillo

Age: 22

Year: 4th year

Major: Pharmacy with a minor in business administration

Relationship Status: Taken!

Where I can be found on the weekends: Working as a pharmacy intern at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence, RI.

Motto: Leave the stress at the door.

Guilty pleasure: Enjoying a glass of wine while doing homework.

Favorite pickup line: “Hey I’m Ray, can I buy you a beer?” It works everytime!

Ideal girlfriend: Hard worker, faithful, beautiful smile and fit.

Where I’ll be in 5 years: An oncology pharmacist at Women and Infants Hospital.

Most embarrassing moment: In high school I had to sing a song about geometry in front of my entire class. I’m not the best singer.

Perfect date:Dinner in the North End during the summer on a rooftop, splitting a bottle of wine and having an intellectually stimulating conversation.

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