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The Raw and Ready PeaPod (aka Zack Hanrahan)

This week marks the first annual Food Justice Week: Food Fight 2012. Sponsored by SlowFoodNU, HEAT, PSA, various campus cultural centers, LASO, SJRC, NUEAT, and Sigma Sigma Sigma, the week is promoted to exploring where our food comes from, why that matters, and celebrating an activity we all love — eating!

The week’s campus celebrity is Food Justice Week mascot -PeaPod, a symbol all of foods good, clean, and fair. Look out for PeaPod running around campus this week, battling a processed chicken nugget, in Food Fight 2012.

Name: Picked at His Prime, Raw and Ready PeaPod (aka Zack Hanrahan)
Year: Junior
Hobbies: Slow Food NU, Helping run the campus CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Kicking the butts of processed foods across the world
Location: All over campus for Food Justice Week 2012. Track me at @FJWPeaPod

Where did you acquire this outfit?
What outfit? I am the PeaPod.  

Why are you out in this peapod suit this week? 
I am trying to show that fresh food is good food. It’s important to know where your food comes from. Think about what you had for lunch today: do you know where it came from and what raw ingredients are in it?

Who is your enemy?
This week I’m battling the “Blast from the Past, Frozen and Fried Chicken Nugget” all over campus. You’ll see us out by the library quad in a “celebri-pea” death match of sorts.

What advantage does PeaPod have over the Chicken Nugget?
Speed! He started strong earlier this week, but I suspect spending time in swimming vegetable oil may have slowed him. This battered chicken is looking a little battered himself, if I can toot my own horn.

What’s the biggest challenge of being the PeaPod?
People have bad memories of me as a kid..they probably ate my frozen pea friends. Fresh peas are tasty-it’s hard to prove that to people, sometimes.

What’s your motto?
Oh, Snap (Pea)! You want a “peas” of me?

What is YOUR favorite food?
Earth Juice Concentrated Liquid Organic Fertilizer.. it’s the best!

What is your pickup line for all the other fine vegetables out there?
”Hey girl, how are you planning on getting your vitamin A tonight?”

What do you have to say to pea haters across campus?
Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, all I know is I am the best food on the plate!

Follow @FJWPeaPod and for more information about Food Justice Week Events.

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