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Ivy Saltsman

Primark Pop-Up Review

Tuesday afternoon, I trudged out of my morning classes into the dreary weather. It was drizzling and I was exhausted — not a good mix. But, as I walked to my apartment awaiting crashing in my bed, something caught my eye like a beacon of hope: the Primark mobile closet.

Courtesy of Ivy

The Her Campus x Primark Trend Report IRL campus pop-up tour came to Northeastern on November 5th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. From the front, the pop-up looked like a normal bus; but in the back, there was a mini closet filled with looks for the upcoming cold weather.

I walked up the stairs of the closet and was met by a friendly staff member. The closet was adorably decorated with mannequins dressed in stylish Primark outfits and a small sitting area. There was a rack with some of the comfiest-looking sweaters and coats I’d ever seen, all of which were up for sale. 

Courtesy of Ivy

Courtesy of Ivy

At the entrance of the pop-up was a wheel that people could spin for free and win Primark prizes. There were accessories, beauty products and much more up for grabs. I spun and got the cutest little Primark tote bag and a gift card! 

Courtesy of Ivy

The pop-up also promoted that Primark is hiring for holidays, so students could not only get a glimpse of the newest styles but ask questions about joining the team.

Want to see a pop up at Northeastern? Never fear! The mobile closet is making its way around Boston until Nov. 15. Take a look at the Facebook event here to see where you can find it! Want to visit the Primark store? The closest one is a short walk away from the Downtown Crossing T station, which you can get to through the Orange Line.

Brb, about to go splurge on these adorable styles. Thank you, Primark!

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Ivy Saltsman

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Ivy is a third-year Journalism and Media and Screen Studies major from Eastern Massachusetts. She spent her first semester of college abroad in Rome, Italy and loves music, theatre and meeting new people. Follow her on Instagram @ivysaltsman!
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