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As everyone is finishing up their last waves of midterms, many NUin alumni are reminiscing back to when the classes were easier and the traveling bug was rampant. Here are a few reasons how we are reminded that every day.


1. The classes were a lot easier. This is basically true for a lot of study abroad opportunities, but it’s somehow different when your first semester at college has less than intense classes.


2. You feel guilty for spending the weekends at home (or in your dorm watching Netflix), when you used to go gallivanting through London or Paris in your spare time.



3. You cry a little bit every time Facebook gives you a throwback to the times when you went on class field trips throughout the country. 

4. For those who are not native Massholes, the introduction to Boston winter as soon as you came back to campus is still a sore spot.




5. You were able to avoid as many responsibilities as possible because you weren’t involved with a bajillion clubs.



6. You miss your favorite coffee shop and you hope your favorite barista still remembers you like he remembered your coffee order.


7. Not to mention their legal drinking age.


8. And lastly, every time you pass someone who was in your country, you say hi or at least nod hello for old time’s sake.


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