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NU Uncorked: Kicking it with Carlo

Welcome to NU Uncorked! This is a blog about wine, except that it’s not really. It’s more about drinking cheap things that come in pretty bottles. This column won’t contain descriptive phrases like “okay flavor” or “perky but not too aggressive.” (Because what does that even mean?) It will, however, be filled with helpful tips like, “This wine gave me a hangover that lasted for three days. And also made me throw up on my boyfriend’s rug.” It’s a wine blog for the everywoman. So please, join me in my feeble attempt to get cultured. Together we’ll learn how to pronounce things like Pouilly-Fumé and Sangiovese!

This week, we’re trying out Carlo Rossi sangria. Because according to the first image result from Google for “Carlo Rossi,” this guy’s priorities were EXACTLY where they should have been: Delicious? Cheap? Sold.

Carlo Rossi wines are generally available in sizes that range from a 1.5-liter jug to a 5-liter box. The 1.5L size of sangria, which should be way more than enough to get you tipsy, goes for about $9.00 at the liquor stores around NU’s campus. However, my sources tell me that in some places you can grab one for as little as $7.00. (Sangria is often cheaper than other wines because it has a slightly lower alcohol content and ingredients that are less expensive. The more you know!)

This wine is super sugary, making it perfect for those with a sweet tooth or those who generally don’t like wine at all. In fact, while it does have the tiiiiniest kick to it, Carlo Rossi sangria mostly tastes like juice. But alcoholic juice. Like kool-aid for grownups.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what you should pair with Carlo Rossi sangria? Well, I don’t know! But the internet tells me that something as insanely sweet as this goes well with foods that are muy caliente. So I would try that. For the exceptionally lazy (like yours truly), that just means heading over to Boloco and grabbing the spiciest burrito they have.

Protip: If you’re looking to get nice and classy with your sangria, try pouring a jug of Rossi into a punchbowl, cutting up some fresh fruit and serving that with a ladle. Look at you! You’re the fanciest! Now you can throw a sangria party for all of your friends.

Lastly, my roommate (who actually knows what she’s talking about since she used to work for a winery) has informed me that the twist off cap on these jugs means that you’re supposed to drink the wine immediately rather than letting it age. So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle, grab a friend and start polishing it off immediately!

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