Northeastern's Her Campus Visits Primark for Summer Season

                                                                                                   Courtesy of Ariana Matos

While Northeastern is wrapping up the semester and finals are finals looming, we Her Campus Huskies were given the best stress reliever in the form of a Primark gift card and the opportunity to shop until we drop. On Wednesday night, we met at Boston’s Primark in Downtown Crossing to enjoy a shopping spree to update our summer wardrobes.

The four-story Primark was filled from top to bottom with bright and flowy styles fit for warm weather. Living in New England, we dream of the sunny summer days, especially with the recent snowy days in April. To prepare ourselves for the season, we went straight to the summer bathing suits, blouses and espadrilles. I immediately saw floral shorts, broderie anglaise patterned shirts and rompers that went straight in my cart.

Not only were there clothes with floral prints, there were also striped blouses! Stripes are perfect for the summer season. Honestly, I may have an obsession, and Primark only furthered that problem. To add to my shoe addiction, I went to the third floor, turned the corner and in disbelief, saw the abundance of sandal styles including espadrilles and some cute strappy sandals. Primark also has a wide array of bathing suits. Bathing suit shopping is not an easy task, needless to say, but with the variety of suits and styles, I had endless options to find the perfect suit that fit my body and taste.  

                                                                                              Courtesy of Ariana Matos

College student nights this semester were amazing! Thank you to Primark and Her Campus for this fantastic collaboration.