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Northeastern Struggles (As Told By Mindy Kaling)


1. Trying to simultaneously avoid all the locations of recent NU Alerts. 2. Signing up for the Zumba class at Marino for the first time.3. Attempting to appeal your student conduct violation to OSCCR.4. Being unable to navigate the nightmare of a building that is Holmes, Meserve, Lake and Nightingale Halls.5. Outtakes turning into a war zone every time there’s a nor’easter.6. Waiting to hear back on a co-op interview.7. And then realizing your friend got the co-op you wanted.8. Being unable to study in IV because of the catchy playlist.9. Avoiding overly aggressive cars while crossing Huntington.10. Every professor having an accent.11. Walking home after trying to study at Snell during finals week.12. Making a new friend only to realize they aren’t on the same co-op cycle.

13. Having to psych yourself up to go outside during the winter.

14. Everyone prioritizing their careers.15. Realizing your high lottery number for housing is actually a bad thing.16. Constantly finding rodents in your apartment.17. Nobody actually following the smoking ban. 18. People from outside the East Coast thinking that Northeastern is Northwestern.





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