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No One is Safe…From the Flu

Hopefully by now you have heard about how massive this flu season is. It’s kind of a big deal.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) said that the increasing number of flu cases this season is the highest seen since the swine flu epidemic 10 years ago. This year has seen an increasing amount of hospitalizations and an unfortunate amount of pediatric fatalities, the current number of deaths being 37.

If you have been to the University Health and Counseling Services here on campus, it’s obvious that Northeastern has been hit hard by the flu from the astronomical amount of people walking around like zombies.

Some important things to note:

1. Getting the flu shot is especially important for the elderly, immunocompromised patients, young children, and pregnant women. Make sure you nag your grandparents to head to their nearest CVS to get the flu shot!

2. Just because you don't fall into the categories above does not mean you’re Gucci. Getting a yearly flu shot is not exactly on my bucket list, but it helps protect you from some of the more common strains of the virus.

3. Please do not go out and infect people! Your economics class will be fine without you. Also, I’m pretty sure your co-op or job doesn’t want you there either. 

4. If you absolutely have to go out – if it's a life or death matter – please be sure to cover your mouth, wash your hands, and disinfect everything you touch.

Wishing you a healthy rest of the flu season!

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