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The Next Bachelor Nick Viall— Why I’m not as angry as I could be…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

So here’s the deal…. the man, the myth, and the legendary runner up, Nick Viall was selected as the leading man for the 21st season of the Bachelor. At first, I was outraged. I mean America, considering your other options, is this really your next most eligible bachelor?


Ok, so I a little biased considering I was the leader of the Luke Pell for Bachelor campaign. I mean he is just so damn mysterious. Come on, look at that face.


Honestly, I never understood the fascination with this seemingly lackluster guy. But here is the train of thoughts and countless stewing sessions that have led me to not be as outraged as I could be.


Nick Viall was introduced to us a little over two years ago, vying for the heart of one Andi Dorfman. Did I like this guy? NO, of course not. He wore tiny scarves, spoke pretentiously, couldn’t get along with anyone, and eventually broke the golden rule of the fantasy suite.


Then he pulled a Chris Bukowski/Brad Womack by rejoining the Bachelorette cast to challenge Kaitlyn’s Gosling-like hottie to get a ring on that finger. I mean, can anyone say “most dramatic season of the Bachelorette ever” (well that is until Jojo’s season of course). Now what pissed me off most about this sly move was the fact that he continuously stated how much he hates this process/journey/emotional upheaval/sister wives like mess. I mean, Kaitlyn’s cool, but I’m not sure I would necessarily put myself in a situation I hate for a girl that I had some text conversations with.


But, then came Bachelor in Paradise and this happened.


Nick seemingly transformed into a bearded, chiseled god. He had sarcastic commentary that was completely on-point and everyone there loved him. My heart broke when little Nicky boy was cast-off to the side by Amanda in favor of rival Josh Murray. At that point, I just wanted him to find the girl that would make him number one. It must be sort of difficult to put your heart out there three times on national television and get it broken three times on national television. I mean half the time I have a hard time just DMing the guy I’m crushing on. Therefore, bottom line, Nick would not have been my top choice, but I have definitely gained some respect for him and want to see what happens on his “dramatic” journey. I mean, after this whole Brangelina mess, I just want to be able to believe in love again, even if it is Nick Viall. The next season of the bachelor is currently filming. Excited or not, let the games begin.