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The Newest Fashion Phenomenon on Newbury: Forever21 Brings Looks for Less

Bostonian girls first began to buzz this past fall when rumors of a Forever21 coming to Newbury Street started to spread. My girlfriends and I kept close taps on the appearance of the storefront on an almost daily basis and often Googled to find out the long awaited opening date. We simply couldn’t wait to have the luxury of such a variety of affordable, stylish clothes so close by. After hearing from a girlfriend’s excited BBM (BlackBerry message) that Forever21’s doors were open early and customers were allowed in shortly before Christmas, I knew I had to make an impromptu trip and see what deals and steals I could find.

When I first stepped foot into this glorious four-level shopping megastore, I almost forgot to breathe. I was overwhelmed with the bright white glow and glamorous set-up, simply a fashionista’s dream. I did not feel like I was in a cheaply-priced store. A constant smile was plastered on my face as I rode each escalator up and down between levels just admiring the garments and prices even more. Four floors of greatness, ranging from casual basics, fancy accent pieces, and even a budding men’s section, dominate the last block of Newbury Street.

As many have noticed, Newbury Street has a variety of stores with a wide range of prices. Beginning at the top of the street, stores are typically more expensive with many upscale boutiques like Chanel and Burberry. (There are a few exceptions like another favorite of mine, H&M, located on the corner of Newbury and Clarendon.)  As the street continues, prices generally tend to lower, ending with stores like Urban Outfitters, 344, and Forever21. With such a tough economy at the moment, Newbury Street has definitely shifted to catering more customers, from trust fund babies to the typical struggling college student. This truly shows that any budget can shop on Newbury Street!

When speaking to Northeastern ladies about the new addition of Forever21 to Boston, many were ecstatic and pleased. One fan dubbed Forever21 has “a bargain gem in a sea of overpriced boutique stores.” Seeing as Boston is such a college town, Forever21 is a perfect addition for college girls and their budgets. “Its the perfect place to find a last minute outfit without clearing out your bank account,” states one senior student. “I can’t believe it has taken this long to come in Boston!”

So girls on a budget, rejoice! Forever21’s doors are officially opened  Make your way to 343 Newbury Street for some quality deals and updated looks and let us know your first impressions of the megastore.

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