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Must-have iPhone accessories

This week, pre-order sales will begin on the Verizon iPhone. I won’t be leaving my almost-10-year relationship with AT&T, the last four with an iPhone, but here are my must have accessories for your new iPhone, AT&T or Verizon.
Apple Bumper

So, the free rebate ended and now you have to fork over $29 for it. The Bumper is made of thin plastic with silicon around the edges, only covering the metal sides around iPhone 4 – not only does it protect your phone but it also “solves” the antennagateissue (which has also been corrected by software update). I like the bumper because it gives me the satisfaction of having some protection on my phone, without taking away from the sleek design. On my iPhone 3Gs, I had an iSkin silicon case, which I loved because it was green, but it added extra bulk in my back pocket as compared to a case-less phone. The Bumper lets me keep the green in my life without adding any bulk.

HD-Anti Glare Screen Films by Power Support

I just discovered these were back on shelves at the Apple store within the last month. I was convinced Power Support didn’t make the films for the iPhone 4. I fell in love with their screen protecting film backs with the original iPhone in 2007. Not only do they protect against scratches and decrease glare from overhead lights, but also blocks those annoyingly pesky fingerprints. They come in packs of two, available at the Apple store for $14.95 and the sales associates have their own trick for applying them bubble free and will do it for you – just ask if they don’t offer. (Also $14.95 from Power Support’sonline store.)
Bose MIE2i headphones

I generally have the worst luck with headphones, mostly because I have small ears (I guess) and they don’t ever fit correctly or comfortably. One thing Bose has mastered besides make the awesome iPod SpeakerDock that everyone had 5 years ago, is perfect the in-ear headphone. The earbud caps have their own trademarked name, StayHear, meaning they don’t go anywhere. I’m here to tell you I can not only chew gum on airplanes but also run with them (so much for my Nike workout headphones), two things that my previous in-ear headphones never allowed me to do without falling out. Between the soft silicon and quality of the sound, I forget I’m listing to my phone on the T rather than my laptop on my sofa. Controls on the headphone cord let you answer calls and change your music without taking your phone out of your pocket or removing your gloves. Available from bose.comfor $129.95 and after my fight with every other headphone brand, they’ve been worth every penny.
Nike+ Sensor and running shoes

Nike and Apple have a long partnership with iPod and their running shoes. The Nike+ iPhone app is now standard on the iPhone, meaning it’s one you can’t delete, so you might as well use it. It syncs with a sensor ($19 from the Apple store or Nike.com) in the sole of your shoe that tracks speed and distance, saves it to your phone and transfers the data to your computer the next time you sync with iTunes, or you can publish stats online straight from your phone. The app also includes workouts for race training, calorie burning goals and a timed workout in addition to the basic open-ended option. The app connects to the music stored on your phone and gives you full iPod controls from within the app. The Nike+ shoe line is now available in their most popular models and on NikeID.com, which allows you to personalize your shoe to match your favorite colors or teams, ranging from $115 to $185.

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