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The Most Awkward Roommate Problems

Living with people, whether they are friends or randomly selected, can get very hard – no matter how close you are. Instead of bottling it up, it’s better to talk out whatever is going on. Here is how to deal with common roommate issues.

1) Messy Roommates

Not everyone is perfect. People forget to clean the odd bowl or accidentally miss their chores shift. However, when it continually happens, it can get a bit frustrating. It is also a good way to collect bugs and unwanted creatures. Instead of being passive aggressive by not cleaning your things either or leaving angry notes, calmly explain that no one appreciates living in a dirty space and everyone needs to pull their own weight. You don’t want to come off as a mother, but its not fair for someone to not clean common areas.

2) Sexiled Without Notice

As annoyed as you may be, don’t get mad in the moment. Let whatever is happening, happen and bring it up the next day. It will be way more awkward if you interrupt your roommate and start a fight. Also, that’s embarrassing and unfair to her. The next day, just say that you would want more notice next time.

3) When Your Roommate Drunkenly Comes Back at 4:00 A.M… with GuestsYou may want to run out there and start screaming at everyone to get out, but if your roommate is drunk, that could end badly. Instead, just text her to please quiet down. If she doesn’t, then go outside and explain to everyone that you really want to sleep.

4) Klepto RoommatesThis is the one situation where you don’t need to remain that calm. Someone taking your things WITHOUT permission is never okay. The first time, my best advice is to say that your roommate can take things if she asks first (as long as that is okay with you). However, if it happens again, you have the right to be mad and make your point more clear by being more firm. 

5) When Your Roommate’s Significant Other Becomes an Unofficial Roommate

If you are paying rent and utilities and your roommate’s significant other is driving up the water bill by constantly taking showers and doing his or her laundry there, it is okay to confront your roommate about paying for things differently as long as you back your point up. Your roommate may get defensive, but you shouldn’t pay more. However, if its a dorm try to be more diplomatic and come up with compromises. On days you have early class, request to have the room free for the night.

No matter what your situation is, remember that it most likely isn’t the end of the world. Living with others may seem like a necessary evil in college, but it really helps with working as a team in the workplace, negotiating and becoming more well rounded.

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