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Michael Leung

Name: Michael Leung
Nickname: Mike
Age: 22
Year at NU: Junior
Major: International Affairs
Hometown: Berlin, NJ
Where you can find me: At my internship at ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms), at the shooting range, or lifting in Cabot.
What I'm involved with at NU: I'm on the Powerlifting Team
Hobbies: Spelunking, Spoon Bending, Cuddling, Traveling, Powerlifting, Video-gaming, Reading, Dancing, Surfing, and Cooking.

My favorite thing about Northeastern: It has to be the tremendous amounts of opportunities that it provides you with. The co-op program not only gives you a leg up on students from other schools in experience, but helps you network and allows you to develop yourself better so that you are more likely a job when you graduate.

Where I can be found on a Saturday night: Either at a bar with a dance floor or in my apartment. Depends on the weather and what's going on-sometimes its nice to just take it easy and relax with a good movie or book.

Where I would take a girl on a first date: Depends on the girl, but a nice walk through Boston Commons during the spring or early fall is never a bad choice. Get some frozen lemonade, walk around and talk, perhaps head up to the North End for dinner and afterwards see a show, then grab some Mike's Pastry's and take a walk on the waterfront.

What I look for in a girl: She has to be hardworking and motivated, but also know how to relax, have fun, and have a good time. Loves to travel, explore places, and try new things. She enjoys sports or being active, and getting out of the house.

My role model: It would have to be my dad. He came into this country with nothing, but his hard work, drive, and work ethic has granted him the success that he is today. He's the inspiration and motivation that allows me to think that there's nothing that can't be done as long as you're willing to put the effort into it.

Where I'll be in five years: I'll be working for the United States Government, or traveling the world.

My favorite spot in Boston: The public garden area near Boston Common, its a nice little escape from the city life when you just need some peace and quiet. I could sit there for hours, right by the water and just relax and waste some time away.

My favorite spot in the world: I went on a Dialogue of Civilizations to Portugal this past summer, and a group of us went to Lagos, Portugal. It was a small coastal town with a bunch of natural rock formations and natural beaches. It was like one of those beaches that are always advertised in vacation pamphlets but even better. The weather was perfect, you could go cliff diving, the water was crystal clear, you could explore caves, the beaches were clean and natural, and the food there was delicious, the bars were fun, and everyone was just nice to you and happy.

Five things that a Northeastern student should have on their Boston bucket list:
1.              Watch the St. Patty's Day Parade
2.              Eat at the Top of the Hub
3.              Go run/work/watch the Boston Marathon
4.              Go to a Red Sox game a Fenway
5.              Husky Hunt. It’s fun only once, but you should do it. It’s a great way to learn the city FAST.

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