Meet the Staff: Delia Harrington, 2012

Name: Delia Harrington
Nickname: De, Dizzle, D-love, Mom
Age: 23 (gasp!)
Year at NU: 5th year senior
Major: International Affairs (lots of minors)
Hometown: Reading, Massachusetts

What I like to write about:
The intersection of social justice and consumerism. 

How I got involved in Her Campus:
Iwas a reader and filled out the online quotserv!

The senior superlative I'd most likely win:
Craziest schedule; most likely to know random facts. 

Secret Talents:
I can pogo stick up and down a staircase. I can also make origami towel animals. 

Where I can be found on a Saturday night:

My summer plans:
Returning to Cuba as a TA on the photography Dialogue, then enjoying summer in Boston.

What I’m passionate about:
Saving the world (I know, I know...) and grammar.

Most Embarrassing College Moment:
Pretty much every time somebody walks in to Study Abroad office and catches me singing and dancing to some Motown. 

My guilty pleasure: 
Watching Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl (I promise I also read the Economist and Al Jazeera!)

Five things that a Northeastern student should have on their Boston bucket list:

  1. Walking around The Emerald Necklace
  2. Midnight showing of Rocky Horror in Harvard Square
  3. Eating at The No Name
  4. Harpoon Brewery Tour (it's free and there's more beer than at Same Adams!)
  5. Getting day-of tickets for an off Broadway show. 

    Guy Talk

    Turn-on/Deal maker: Intelligence, snarkiness, sense of humor

    Turn-off/Deal breaker: Guys who can't comprehend my first name. Sexism. Being uninformed. 

    How can a guy capture and maintain your interest? Challenge me. 

    The worst pick up line I've ever used/heard: (Upon learning I speak Arabic and am an IAF major) Hey do you know anything about Palestine? I heard those guys are like terrorists and stuff...