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Making Your Dorm Room a Home-Away-From-Home

As if housing wasn’t expensive enough, trying to decorate your dorm room adds on to the thousands you’ve already spent. Luckily, there are plenty of fairly cheap projects that will quickly make your dorm a home-away-from-home!


A Picture Wall


Hanging up pictures from home will instantly make your dorm seem much more familiar. Gather anywhere from five to fifty pictures and hang them above your bed or desk, so you can easily see your friends and family as you’re laying in your bed or working on homework. You can use twine or ribbon and clothespins, tape, or Command Strips. Adding some washi tape can make your photo wall original and continue your color scheme!



Fake Flowers


Everyone loves flowers, but they can be hard to keep alive, especially as a busy college student. Therefore, fake flowers are great! They obviously never die AND they’re pretty cheap! I got a vase in the clearance section of a craft store and the flowers were only about $8. Plus, pretty soon, stores will be clearing out fall flowers, including sunflowers, my personal favorite!



DIY School Spirit


Make a banner, poster, mug, or literally anything with your school’s logo or colors! Decorating your dorm is all about combining your new and old homes, so adding this touch of your school will create the perfect environment.


Hopefully your dorm becomes inviting, relaxing, and most importantly, your home-away-from-home!

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