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A Love Letter to The Vampire Diaries: “I Was Feeling Epic”

For 8 beautiful years, The Vampire Diaries has entered my home and kept me warm on nights when I have felt alone. But I am not gonna lie, it was a show that also brought me a lot of tears, a lot more than I’d like to admit. It breaks my heart to realize that this show has come to an end and that I won’t get to see these characters grow up any longer.

The show obviously wasn’t the same after Nina Dobrev’s departure, but it was something I could always count on nonetheless. Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce have been two of the show’s most iconic and polar opposite characters from the very first season. Nina’s unbelievable talent has always been embodied in her ability to touch my heart whether she is doing it as an unbelievable villain or as a protagonist who has endured unbelievable pain. As a lover of the show, I felt her return to portray Katherine was everything it was supposed to be, but I wish I could say the same about Elena.

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Elena has always been, to me, the center of the show, and I was disappointed to only see her appear in the second half of the final episode, maybe even the last 15 minutes. I missed out on seeing the love and light she brought to all of the other characters’ eyes. She did give the ending we all wanted as she spoke through her diary, a nod to the way the show started out, as she shared the reflection of what the rest of her life was like. I felt like I missed out on the ‘epic’ reunion between Elena and Damon that I had been waiting for for so long; however, it did warm my heart to know that she followed her dream of becoming a doctor and married the one person who loved her unconditionally.

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Stefan’s sacrifice was heartbreaking, but perfect in that it was a true display of his moral compass and his undying love for his brother. Although Caroline was left alone, their separation gave the show a sense of how things don’t always end in love, similar to how it is in real life. But it did leave hope of them reuniting again when they find peace.

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The cliffhanger regarding her relationship with Klaus being “another story” made sure that at some point he will fulfill his promise of being her last love. For The Originals fans, this also means that in some way shape or form there will be a rise for the Mikaelson family following their downfall at the end of last season. Also, does this mean that Candice will be moving to The Originals to hopefully play Caroline as Klaus’s love interest?

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The beautiful flashes between ‘peace’ and the lives that they lived truly embodied the idea that in the end they all, with the exception of Caroline and Alaric, lived human lives with a large part being the losses they endured. Bonnie was finally okay with having lost almost everyone she cared about and knew that in her separation from Enzo she would find him when she found peace. She then chose to live out her days the way he would want her to, which is the perfect pause to their romance.

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The thing I think the final episode did best was have Elena pay her respects to Stefan. It gave viewers a greater understanding of how, despite all the pain he brought into her life, he was everything she needed to move on from all the horrible loss that she had in her life. In a way, they both brought each other out of the gloomy lives they lived and they made lasting impacts on one another.

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The finale was a cliche ending, but I think it was the only ending that would make sense in light of all the pain these characters have endured. Some may want more from the ending or believe that Stefan and Caroline should have had a happier ending, but I think that this was the perfect ending for all of the characters. And so after a long run and having grown up with Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, and Alaric in my room every night, it pains me to say that this beautiful story and journey has come to an end. May they all find peace wherever their souls may be…


P.S. Team Damon since “Hello Brother”.

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P.P.S. I have already started rewatching.


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