The Logic Concert—An Experience

On November 5th, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II—famously known as Logic—performed at the Agganis Arena in Boston. The concert was undoubtedly full of Logic’s motto, “peace, love, and positivity.” To hit the show off, there were three opening acts. The first was Logic’s first-ever fan, now turned rapper, Silas, who brought an abundance of energy to the stage, giving a Logic-like sound. After Silas gave a lively performance, YBN Cordae came onto the stage. YBN Cordae is a young rapper from Maryland who's rise to fame came after the release of his critically acclaimed 2019 album "The Lost Boy." Following YBN Cordae, or Cordae as he noted fans to call him, J.I.D. was brought out. J.I.D. had a very unique sound and incorporated many different genres and tempos into his songs. All of these rappers had the same sentiment: they wanted people to know that whatever situations they were going through, they were not alone and they would get through it.

*Courtesy of Kevin Cortopassi/Flickr

Despite these exciting openers, the energy change was palpable when Logic came out. He burst onto the stage wearing an orange and blue puffer coat and was the absolute definition of a hype beast. He performed a twenty-two song setlist but gave every song the same amount of energy from start to finish. To top it off, a fan was brought on stage, there was a t-shirt cannon shot off by Logic himself, unreleased songs were played, YBN Cordae and Silas were brought back on stage for a duet with Logic, and Logic even played a prank on us. One thing that struck me about Logic was how funny and relaxed he was the whole time. *Courtesy of Giphy

Logic and the rappers preceding him have all had tough lives growing up and found music as a way to vent and bring attention to the problems minorities and those of lower income groups face. Understandably, Logic is clearly rapping for a bigger purpose than the fame and notoriety he has already achieved. He wants every person to feel like their life matters and to accept everyone with love, as he does himself.