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K.i.T – Northeastern’s “Kid in Training”

Northeastern students work hard and play even harder. At least that goes for sophomore Khary Durgans, also known as “K.i.T”, who’s working hard as both a music industry major and an aspiring rapper.
Growing up in Providence, Rhode Island, K.i.T. would watch his older brother rap at local venues. “I was the guy making noise in the background,” K.i.T. said, reflecting back to the days when he first recognized his passion for music. Since then he has performed in over 40 shows and has established himself as an artist in the business.  You might have even seen him perform at AfterHours in the student center this past January.

He discovered the name “K.i.T”, which stands for “kid in training”, early on in high school. “It represents mind eternal youth. When we’re kids we never had to grow up, we were always kids in training,” he explained. The name stuck and over time it has epitomized his passion for, and commitment to, his music.
At Northeastern, K.i.T. has learned a great deal about music production and the music industry. He feels that being a student at Northeastern helps him make connections and introduces him to many people who have become a part of his aspirations. “I never really envisioned myself going to college, but the project I’m working on now is produced mainly by students on-campus. The music industry major is perfect for me and has introduced me to people who I can connect with.”
K.i.T.’s first album The Quest for Equilibrium will be released next Tuesday, April 5th and will feature 11 of his new songs. “It goes along with the concept of finding balance during a time in my life that’s strange and new. We leave our friends from home, are thrown into college, and are exposed to a variety of different things, so it’s my quest to find balance between my life and music,” explained K.i.T.
K.i.T. just accepted a co-op position for the fall at Audible Treats in New York City. He plans to network and learn more about promoting himself as an artist through social networking and marketing means. His future goals are to establish himself as an artist and begin touring after graduation.
If you want to check out K.i.T. and hear some of his new music, you can go to one of his upcoming shows: April 7th in Rhode Island, April 8th at Boston College followed by a show at AfterHours, and April 9th again at Boston College.

Jenn Sinrich is a fourth year journalism major and theater minor at Northeastern University. Coming from a small town along the beaches of the north shore, Jenn has always admired the fast-paced and motivational life of the city. She loves living in Boston and especially likes running by the Charles River. At Northeastern she is a founding sister of the Eta Kappa chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority. She enjoys acting and theater, musicals and listening to show tunes, scrap booking and collaging, and anything else that encourages and inspires creativity.
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