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Jimmy Get off the Floor: My Commentary on the 74th Annual Emmy Awards

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

I love award shows. I grew up with them and have always had a fondness for them; I’m talking throwing Oscar viewing parties and placing bets on who we thought would win. In my family, the Oscars are our Superbowl. 

Nowadays, a good award show is scarce. Yet, these four hours and three minutes proved to be entertaining. There are a few things that you can always depend on during an award show: some presenters who give skits that don’t quite land, followed by awkward silence, award winners are promptly cut off by music during their speeches, at least one political joke by the host, and the boring white guy who is head of the academy giving a speech that everyone zones out for. 

All of this and more happened at the 74th Emmy awards, held on the Monday evening of September 12th at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles. I found myself genuinely laughing at this spectacle not only from its hindrances but also from shining moments that made their way through. 

The best part, the reason I actively decide not to be productive and spend the night watching this event, is when a gathering like this can remind you why you love television in the first place. We began the night with an ode to beloved tv show intros like Friends, Brady Bunch, Stranger Things, and Game of Thrones. I preferred this much more to the drab intros by comedians of late, I truly think it was a missed opportunity for a greatest hits sketch from the Saturday Night Live cast, many of whom were present. Give the people what they want! The timing was off and while this skit had the potential to be great, it instead felt like something they threw together the day before. 

In order to host an award show, you have to be a charismatic comedian who can, for one night, and one night only, lose all of your talents and become the most awkward person in the world. Kenan Thompson was no exception to this, though I would argue he did only slightly better than his predecessors in the past years. Let us note that the past years have consisted of no host and Cedric the Entertainer (who is that?). Bring us back to the days of Neil Patrick Harris at the Tonys (there was a reason he hosted four years, people!). Harris set a precedent for hosting that, in my opinion, none have come close to reaching. 

There was also added pressure at the Emmys this year since networks boycotted the Golden Globes because of its corrupt voting habits and lack of diversity. The Golden Globes was considered to be one of the more lively awards shows since its allowance of alcohol consumption made it seem more like a party rather than a night to honor television. The Emmys this year had more weight to carry on its shoulders being the main televised awards for that category. 

Highlights, while lacking in physical violence, included Jennifer Coolidge’s acceptance speech and dance, Sharyl Lee Ralph’s acceptance speech and song, Will Arnett dragging a limp Jimmy Kimmel across the stage, followed by Jimmy Kimmel committing too hard to the bit and refusing to move during Quinta Brunson’s acceptance speech, and all of the great SNL members who presented including Amy Pohler, Seth Myers, Bowen Yang, and especially the hilarious duo that is B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling. Every time Jason Sudeikis (Ted Lasso) appeared on stage, I expected him to get served some sort of legal documentation from Olivia Wilde, A.K.A, she who shall not be named. 

Also, the amazing fact that Lizzo won an Emmy means she is halfway to an EGOT(Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony)! Succession led the count with 25 nominations, Ted Lasso and White Lotus followed close by with 20 nominations, and finally Hacks and Only Murderers in The Building with 17 nominations. Many were outraged that Severance, Better Call Saul, and Ozark were robbed this season as The White Lotus won five Emmys, Ted Lasso won four Emmys, and Succession with three wins, audiences were stunned as these three shows were left in the dust. 
With 74 years of practice, I would expect a bit more from you, Emmys. Will this stop me from watching you next year when it will be 6 hours long? No way, I’ll be there. So alas, now begins my annual ritual of binging all of these shows that I haven’t gotten around to yet: Barry, Succession, Severance, and Ozark…lucky for me, they are all super upbeat and happy. ‘Til next year!

Grace Gaon

Northeastern '25

My name is Gracie and I am a sophomore from California! I love nothing more than cold foggy days, movies, reading, and cooking! I have a poodle named auggie who is the cutest thing ever. My current obsessions consist of candles, finding new restaurants, and my film cameras! I love to write about anything and everything especially reviews.