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It’s OK to be on the Naughty List: Boston Sex Shops

It’s easy to ask our girlfriends where to go for a good burger, beer, or shopping in Boston, but sometimes what we’re looking for is something that we’re not quite comfortable enough to consult our friends about: sex toy shops. Forget your preconceived notions that sex shops have to be sketchy places where you need to wear sunglasses and a hat to avoid potential run-ins with classmates. Boston has some clean places to shop-dirty in neighborhoods you wouldn’t expect. We asked some Northeastern collegiettes™ to find out where they do their personal shopping. Whether you’re going with a partner or just want to get down with your bad self, check out these four spots to find out what all the buzz is about (vibrator pun intended.)

1.     Good Vibrations

You’ve probably been to Coolidge Corner–home of Zaftig’s Deli, Brookline Booksmith, and middle class families–without ever realizing that behind a corner of pseudo-suburbia sits Good Vibrations. Good Vibrations was founded in 1977 by a woman who understood the need for a well-lit, clean, vibrator store. Their Brookline location opened in 2006. Good Vibrations also offers movies, toys, books and even educational workshops. Good Vibrations employs two full time sexuality PhDs, a Staff Sexologist and an Education Program Manager. The staff is more than happy to answer any questions you have-no matter how awkward you may feel asking.

“I was really nervous to go to my first sex shop, but this place made it easy. It was well lit and clean – in a location private enough to make it accessible but public enough to not feel shameful. The staff was so friendly and nice and was willing to talk openly with me about which vibrator would be best for me (it wasn’t even awkward!) The back of the store even has a museum with vibrators from the mid 1900s on display. If you’re nervous like I was, gather up a friend or two and head over to Coolidge Corner. I guarantee it will be a great experience while you’re at the store and after you leave!”
–J, Northeastern junior.

Need a cover story if you have you have to charge your purchase?  The great part about Good Vibrations is that if the name comes up on your credit card statement, it’s not that hard to convince someone that it’s a record store. Not ready to go in quite yet? Check out their website first-you can even order online.
308A Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02446 617 264-4400 goodvibes.com

2. Condom World

Somewhere between Burberry and JP Licks on Newbury Street sits Condom World. Unlike Good Vibrations, there’s no mistaking what Condom World offers. Proving safe sex doesn’t have to be boring sex, Condom World offers a hodgepodge of different rubbers to try. In terms of sex toys, the selection is pretty limited at Condom World, but the store sells adult party favors and gag gifts for any bachelorette parties or girls-nights-out in your future.

“From what I remember, the store was very well organized and very white. I felt like it created a stiff environment. I don’t care if you are a curious newbie, a closeted freak, or a professional, you’re buying GD sex toys – it deserves a comfortable, laughable environment.”- Rebecca, junior

“The people working there were friendly and not judgmental which is always good in a sex shop! ”
– Whitney, senior

“My friends and I went to condom world freshman year to get something for my roommate’s 18th birthday. I can’t remember exactly what we bought, but there were definitely some penis-shaped lollipops and condoms in every color imaginable involved. It was kind of one of those places where you are giggling as you run around and tell your friends what funny item you just found and dare them to get it.” – Hannah, junior

Condom World is the closest spot to campus, which may mean you could run into someone you know. If you do, you can always claim you’re buying a birthday gift for your roommate, but we know better ;-)
332 Newbury St, Back Bay, Boston 617-267-7233  condomworldboston.com

3. Sweet-N-Nasty

During my freshman year, my friends surprised me with phallic cupcakes for my 19th birthday. Unfortunately they surprised me with them in the Ethiopian restaurant I had chosen for dinner and we got in a little bit of trouble and had to hide them in a bag. Though our waiter didn’t appreciate dirty cupcakes, college students will! Sweet-N-Nasty, an erotic bakery located within walking distance from Northeastern, has offered dirty desserts since 1976. With a tagline like “The Best is Yet to Cum,” there’s no mistaking Sweet-N-Nasty for your average bakery. Though Valentine’s Day is still far away, maybe your significant other would enjoy a pair of chocolate handcuffs or a voluptuous vixen chocolate for Christmas.

“I went to Sweet n Nasty to order cupcakes and while it was a little awkward to ask for “one dozen penises and a dozen vaginas, mixed black and white,” the giggle fit that was sure to ensue helped to break the ice with the (very helpful) staff.”- Rebecca, junior.

“The employees are pretty relaxed and won’t bother you if you’re just poking around to see what they have. It’s a great place for funny birthday gifts like chocolate penis lollipops or dirty playing cards.” – Emily, senior

If the idea of a penis pastry doesn’t sound appetizing, Jamie, an NU junior, claims that the cake is actually tasty. “I must say, the chocolate and wafer, Kit-Kat-like, candy which they use to create their ‘body parts’ are simply delicious!”

Go ahead and try one. Worst case scenario-you experience chocolate overload, which some may argue is an even better stress reliever than sex.
90A Massachusetts Ave, Back Bay, Boston 617-266-7171 sweet-n-nasty.com

4. Hubba Hubba

If you ever find yourself across Charles during a venture into Cambridge, stop into Central Square’s “Hubba Hubba.” Though a little more “fetishy” than the other stores, it’s a great place if you need some fishnets, corsets, sexy shoes and boots, which you can wear if you’re headed to a live showing of Rocky Horror Picture show…or in the comfort of your own bedroom. For the more extreme, this is the place to stock up on more serious sex toys-whips, paddles, gags, or whatever else strikes your fancy. After 27 years in business, it’s clear the staff at Hubba Hubba knows their stuff, and that someone out there is buying nipple clamps.  I couldn’t find any girls who had stopped in Hubba Hubba, maybe because it’s further away, or maybe because no one wanted to talk to me about shopping for S&M gear. If you’ve been there, leave us a review in the comments.
534 Massachusetts Ave, Central Square, Cambridge 617-492-9082 hubbahubba.com

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