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Ingredients of a Perfect Easter Basket

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.


Despite its obvious religious significance, Easter Sunday is a day full of chocolate bunnies the size of your face, an inordinate amount of jelly beans, and loose fitting pants to make for easy consumption. Although not all families have Easter baskets as part of their tradition, I have always had one, and so am a bit of an expert on the topic. Should you be looking to create a basket for a friend this year or send some suggestions to your family, here are the ingredients for a perfect Easter basket.

1. Jelly Beans. You have to start out with a solid foundation to your basket, so why not do so with a beautifully colorful layer of Starburst brand jelly beans lining the bottom?

2. Robin’s Eggs. Although underrated when compared to their cousin the jelly bean, robin’s eggs are the perfect – and often deadly – combination of chocolatey and convenient. They are not only delicious, but entirely fitting with the concept of ‘Easter Eggs.’

3. Reese’s Eggs. Everyone who loves Reese’s, or candy in general, cannot resist the amazingness that is this chocolate and peanut butter treat. They have the uniqueness of being egg shaped while maintaining the familiarity of the classic favorite: the Reese’s Cup.

4. Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate. Especially for those who gave up sweets of any kind for Lent, the more decadent flavors they can get their hands on, the better. With such a wide variety of chocolate and candy these days, there is no excuse to stay with the simple (albeit classic) Hershey Bar and every reason to spice things up with Twix, Milky Way, and Three Musketeers.

5. The Trophy Piece. Every basket has to have that one item, that one special treat, that the recipient wants to both cherish and devour. A gigantic Cadbury egg, lifesize chocolate bunny or maybe even a non-edible item, such as a gift card or article of clothing, are all excellent ideas and will round out your perfect Easter basket.

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