Husky in the Spotlight: Amy Aris


                                                                                                                      Courtesy of Amy Aris

Amy Aris, a second year English major from Philadelphia, PA, is currently a Resident Assistant (R.A.) on Northeastern’s campus. Amy works in West Village buildings C and F, and has constructed a wonderful home-like environment within the building. I talked to Amy about her expertise as an R.A.

Favorite Part of the job? I really love just getting to know my amazing residents and being able to plan programs that I know they’ll enjoy.

Least favorite part of the job? I have yet to experience anything I extremely dislike, but I anticipate I won’t really enjoy having to document residents.

Favorite place to use meal swipes on campus? Rebecca’s is my favorite for sandwiches but Outtakes is my favorite place to go. I go several times a week to get snacks that I then put in a “Free Snack Box” that I keep on my floor for residents to grab from. Seeing how much they appreciate the free food makes me love going to Outtakes.

Favorite program? Trick or tea. Another R.A. and I threw a Halloween program where we handed out Chatime bubble tea to every resident who came and solved a Halloween-themed puzzle. Over 60 residents came and we ran out of bubble tea within 9 minutes!

Involved in anything else on campus? I’m also a College of Social Sciences and Humanities Ambassador.