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How to Have the BEST Galentine’s Day

We all know that Valentine’s Day is probably the worst time of the year. It either reminds you that you’re single or that you’re forced to spend money on cheap candy and hope your significant other cares enough to do the same. For some reason, it teaches us to save our thoughtful moments for one day a year. However, while you’re strolling past the endless aisles of cheesy cards about love and stuffed animals, remember that this day doesn’t have to suck. Let your friends make this day fun! Here’s how to have the best Galentine’s Day:

1.  Girls time only

Make sure you invite people you can have fun with! Our goal is a no-drama night. This should be a day for you and your besties to hang out and have fun, so we don’t need Suzy from down the hall crying about her breakup with Jeff. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’re not allowed to talk about boys, but maybe take this night to focus on yourselves more. 

2. Pamper yourselves

Would it really be a girl’s night without facemasks? This is the perfect night to crank out all those skin products you don’t really use. Do a mask, paint your nails, maybe even do something to your hair. The point is to do it together and have fun!

3.  Eat all the candy

Remember that cheap candy I was talking about? Buy it ALL. It’s not a girl’s night without some snacks, and though I hate the concept, Valentine’s Day candy is damn good. Let yourself (and your diets) go for the night and binge on all things chocolate and heart-shaped. You might hate yourself later, but it’ll feel so good in the moment.

4. Wine time

Now we’re getting somewhere. If you’re an overthinker, like me, you might want to let your mind loosen the reins a bit. Crack open a bottle of wine and let the night really begin. I guarantee you, the best stories will come out of it.

5. Realize being single is okay

The main thing to take from this night is that being single doesn’t mean you’re alone. I mean, just look at your friends! They’re obviously there for you, and that’s all that matters. Yes, it’s nice to have a boyfriend, but as someone who is newly single for the first time in years, I can tell you that you learn so much about yourself when you’re single. It has forced me to go out and meet new people, and if the breakup hadn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have met the girls I’m going to live with next year! Boys aren’t everything, love is, and you can have that through friendships too.

Katya Awar

Northeastern '22

I'm a sophomore at Northeastern University majoring in Media and Screen Studies and minoring in English and Musical Theater. I hope to be a screen writer one day!
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