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Heading Home for Spring Break

Being in college and being independent is fun and all, but going home has its many perks. Here are some of the things I am looking forward to about going home this spring break.


1. Warm weather

Although the Boston Winter this year has been quite mild and on the warm side, I am still looking forward to the even warmer California winter I’ll experience when I fly home. Goodbye pants, hello shorts!


2. My bed/room

Even though I have my own bed here on campus, it just doesn’t feel quite as good as my bed back home. And having a room to myself, what is not to love?


3. My couch and TV

I can’t wait to curl up on my couch and catch up on some TV shows I’ve been missing out on.



No need to walk outside, in the cold, from my dorm to a dining hall to use a swipe in order to eat. I can just walk down my hall to the kitchen open the refrigerator and have my pick at all the delicious food up for grabs. Also, I can’t not mention home cooking. Boy, am I excited to eat some mouth-watering meals made by my mom and dad. I’ll gladly do the dishes as my payment. :)


5. Spending time with family

It’s always a fun time catching up with my family and spending time with everyone. Even if we all get sick of each other after a while, we really do love each other (most of the time).


6. Curling up with my cat

I can’t wait to pick up my cat and give her a big hug. I’ve missed my little fluff ball.


7. Driving

I haven’t driven since I left in the winter. Being back means rolling down the windows, blasting music, and driving around town.


8. Free laundry

Doing laundry may not be that exciting, but the fact that doing laundry at home is free is exciting. Just look at this guy, maybe he will make you excited to wash your clothes when you are home. (Don’t pull any muscles attempting this).


9. Hanging out with friends

Although not all my friends have the same spring break as me, a few do and I will be sure to catch up with them while I can.


10. Just relaxing

Spring break = no school = sleep, eat, and watch TV. I’ll happily be fulfilling all of those things in the comfort of my house.


Whether you are heading home for spring break, staying on campus, or going someplace else, I wish you a relaxing, peaceful break. Have fun while you can before school starts back up again!

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