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Hack Your Cycle: The Wellness Craze Circulating Social Media 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northeastern chapter.

My TikTok For You page screams solely of wellness. I’ve scrolled through endless three-minute videos encompassing all that is comfort, wholeness and fitness. In short, I’m on ‘WellnessTok.’ 

Recently, my feed has focused on one particular trend: Cycle Syncing. Rather curious, I conducted a serious dive.  

Prominent wellness content creators like Brittany Hugoboom, Sarah Kathryns and Bailey Brown have all joined the craze in educating the masses about “cycle syncing” and the plethora of benefits its promoters champion. This particular trend attempts to train those who menstruate on the best tactics for controlling one’s superpower.

Cycle syncing is Tiktok’s answer to hacking your cycle. Here’s Why:

What is Cycle syncing? 

Cycle Syncing is an attempt to better manage all four phases of your menstrual cycle by matching your lifestyle habits with each phase. But how? 

Cycle syncing is brought to us by Alisa Vitti—a functional nutritionist and women’s hormone expert. She created an app to align our lifestyle habits with our ever-so-fluctuating hormones. The cycle syncing movement makes us ask: why cry frantically one minute and then be a ball of sunshine the next? Better yet, why not control it?

This 28-day method utilizes the practice of maintaining hormonal balance via one’s diet, exercise and lifestyle. It is all about syncing daily habits with your menstrual cycle and staying in tune with your hormonal needs. 

Before we get into the first stage, here’s an easy way to remember the phases: think seasons! 

It’s that time of the month again. 

To start, harsh winters resemble none other than your Menstrual Phase. Here we do more than just bleed. 

The Menstrual phase strikes first. For three to seven days, our uterine lining sheds. 

Now, let’s redirect the focus to our hormones. For preface, our steroid hormones, estrogen and progesterone, wander our bloodstream, commanding organs on certain functions (e.g regulation). 

As estrogen and progesterone levels begin to decline, so do energy levels. This phase is commonly known as your period. 

What are some essentials for managing shark week according to ‘WellnessTok’? I am glad you asked. 

1. Your Fuel. 

Nourish that body. During this phase, our low hormone levels have distinct nutritional needs. This is our chance to change our diet. 

Holistic Nutritionist Rebecca Leigh advises consuming warm and nutrient-dense foods. Hello … oatmeal! Warm foods allow the progression of a ‘better bleed.’ Soups, stews and cooked foods allow a warmer body and womb, enabling a less painful period. 

Speaking of warm fuel, let’s not forget about tea! Implementing chamomile or Leigh’s favorite, red raspberry leaf tea, encourages uterine contractions.

Creator Alisa Vitti heavily roots for nutrient-rich foods, such as leafy greens, beets, nuts and seaweed. In addition, she is a firm believer in incorporating more berries — antioxidant and vitamin-rich products — as it oversees inflammation and promotes natural detoxification. 

Make your water bottle your new best friend. TikToker Ness Rodriguez believes prioritizing hydration is the best way to further reduce one’s discomfort (in relation to cramps). 

Lastly, TikToker and certified hormone specialist Paige Lindgren says, “pay attention to your mineral intake!” Obtaining iron, magnesium, zinc, omega 3’s and vitamin B is crucial. These specific minerals prepare us for the next phase.

2. On the Move.

With the rise in gym rats, don’t be afraid to take five! Listening to your body is an important part of cycle syncing as reported by Healthline this year. If that means rest, then so be it. If you still want to engage in movement, low-impact exercise is recommended. 

If you’re strictly a weights type of girl, don’t fret! You can experiment. In fact, there is quite an appeal to low-impact workouts as demonstrated by the popularity of some of TikTok’s favorites: hot girl walks and pilates princess

TikTok creator Brittany Hugoboom talks about her experience with the 28-day cycle and the importance of rest and light movement. Hugoboom’s menstrual routine incorporates longer walks and pilates. This in turn supports one’s hormones, strengthens one’s pelvic floor, improves stabilization and aids both one’s physical and mental health. 

Sidenote: I am currently in my pilates princess era, and I don’t plan on leaving it anytime soon. 

Hot-girl walks are one of my favorite forms of movement. TikToker and trainor, Oyinda Okunowo claims walking and yoga optimize one’s training as their estrogen levels are at their lowest. 

3. Time to hibernate.  

Remember: think winter! 

TikTok creator and wellness guru, Sarah Kathyrns, emphasizes prioritizing yourself and taking this opportunity to indulge in some self-care. Time to relax is important. Hibernation often calls on self-reflection, so ponder on what you deem necessary. 

It’s 2023. I think it’s time we work with our body rather than against it, and this TikTok wellness craze agrees.

There are more articles yet to come. Up next is My Non-Negotiables on the Follicular phase.

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