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“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” Review

Where you lead, I will follow, anywhere… to Stars Hollow! The time has finally come. The Gilmore Girls are back and better than ever. The highly anticipated revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, premiered on Netflix November 25th and if you did not spend your day sitting on the couch watching all four episodes, then you may need to reevaluate your life choices. From Luke and Lorelai, to Emily and Rory, and to everyone in between, the revival was jam packed with all of your Stars Hollow favorites and they certainly did not disappoint. Each episode was centered around a season, starting with Winter, and followed the ups and downs of Lorelai and Rory’s lives almost ten years after the original series ended. Without giving too much away, here are the top three takeaways from each episode (including those final four words!).


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  1. Luke and Lorelai live on! Although they may not be married (yet), they seem happy and living together in Lorelai’s home. Paul Anka (the dog, not the person) is still very much present and the couple is dealing with the prospect of having their own children through a surrogate company who is run by none other than Paris Geller. She was able to pursue both her medical and law degrees after all (along with a few others), in true Paris fashion.

  2. Rory is still with Logan (kind of). She has been working as a freelance journalist for the past few years and has just been trying to find interesting work to write about around the world. One of those destinations happens to be London, where she is co-writing a book and sleeping with Logan on the side… although she has a forgettable (and totally random) boyfriend Paul and Logan is seeing other people as well. There seem to be some red flags there.

  3. Emily Gilmore wore jeans! It was definitely part of her grieving process. A few months has passed since the passing of Richard Gilmore, Emily’s beloved husband of 50 years and Rory’s grandfather. His death is very much a driving force behind the crises that each of the Gilmore girls is facing in these new stages of their lives.


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  1. The return to Chilton! Rory and Paris visit their former high school for an alumni event, where Headmaster Charleston notices that Rory seems a bit lost and offers her a teaching position if she pursue her Master’s degree. Meanwhile, Paris has a breakdown in the bathroom, triggered by seeing her former high school crush, due to all of the events happening in her life at that time.

  2. Rory has a one night stand… with a Wookie! Aside from her escapades with Logan, who happens to be engaged, (thanks for the update Mitchum Huntzberger), Rory ends up sleeping with a man dressed in a Wookie costume while interviewing people in lines in New York City for a writing piece.

  3. Mommy/daughter therapy sessions featuring Lorelai and Emily. As a way to cope with Richard’s death and the ensuing arguments after that, Emily ropes Lorelai to going to therapy with her. Unfortunately, not much talking is done and when it does happen it is not pretty.


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  1. Rory is back in Stars Hollow… but she will never admit to it. Although she does take over as editor in chief at the Stars Hollow Gazette, it is more out of her respect and pride for journalism than as an actual career choice.

  2. Jess to the rescue! As always, when things spiral out of control for Rory, Jess will show up to pick up the pieces. He even gives her the brilliant idea to write something she is passionate about, which just happens to be the story of her mother and herself. #TeamJessForever

  3. Trouble in Paradise… With constant fighting and lying between Luke and Lorelai, Rory ending things with Logan over the phone, and Lorelai being upset with Rory for writing about her life, everything seems to be going in a downward spiral. A strange and eccentric Stars Hollow musical helps Lorelai realize that it is either now or never, and she decides to do the Wild (book, not the movie) hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.


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  1. In Omnia Paratus! The Life and Death Brigade make an appearance in Stars Hollow with Logan at the helm to give Rory a night to remember. Although Logan and Rory part ways, there is still so much love between them. As for Rory’s other previous lovers, Jess claims to be long over Rory, but his longing stares at her beg to differ. As for Dean, he is happily married with children and Rory asks for his permission to write about him in her book when they run into each other at the corn starch aisle at Doose’s market.

  2. Lorelai and nature do not get along… Lorelai may not have gone on the actual hike, but she did find the clarity that she needed in order to repair the damage between her and her mother as well as the rift between her and Luke. Everything seems to be looking up from here!

  3. An update on all other things Stars Hollow: Emily has moved to Nantucket where she works at a whaling museum, Lorelai is looking to expand the Dragonfly Inn in order to keep Michel and bring back Sookie, Lane and Zack are still together and Hep Alien is still rocking, Taylor and Kirk are still Taylor and Kirk, and Rory finds her perfect writing spot in her grandfather’s study.

Now as for those much awaited final four words, some may call it full circle and others may call it just plain cruel. There are just so many questions left unanswered. However, I think we can all agree that this calls for more Gilmore Girls please!

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