Get Fit With NUX Active Wear

Trying to fit a workout routine into your busy schedule?  Was your New Year’s resolution to make a habit out of going to the gym? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with new plans to get fit and shed some pounds, and we all know it’s difficult to feel positive about something you’re absolutely dreading. You may find yourself asking: “How can I feel good and excited about going to the gym?” Well I may have come across something that can make you feel a whole lot better about your fitness routine and long-term workout goals. 

NUX is an amazing new active wear line that brings a whole new kind of encouragement for hitting the gym.  The designs are unique, unlike many brands on the market, and are created and manufactured right here in the USA. This type of active wear line is different than many on the market today for several reasons. First of all it is entirely seamless, making it a compression wear fit. Melissa Sherwood, creator and owner of Rockstar Fitness in Marblehead, MA, says the material is very similar to Spanx. “It holds everything in where we need it to be—whether you are 18 or 40 this is important to all of us!” Pricing at NUX is another amazing factor; nothing in the line retails for over $70! There are currently no storefront locations; however, the line sells to retailers and has a shop at
Sherwood, who owns a training business, got involved with NUX first as a consumer who was constantly looking for active wear brands. “I was looking for a line that would take me through my day as a trainer, business woman and mother,” Sherwood said. NUX is suitable for all different kinds of lifestyles. The material and designs can be worn at home, in the office, or while traveling. “All I have to do after a work out is throw on a NUX wrap cardigan and a cute pair of flats or boots and I’m good to go!”
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