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Easy dorm room makeover tips!

Everyone is familiar with that time of year when winter’s flurry of excitement begins to fade and the second semester workload hits in full force.  Finding no better way to fight the winter doldrums, I decided to give my bedroom a colorful makeover.  The best part? I did it all in one day, with one friend, while sticking to my very tight budget. By following some simple guidelines, you too, can create a fun space to call your very own.

Tip One: Change things up!

There is no need to stick to a traditional bedroom set-up.  Do something different, and add that element of surprise.  When making over my room, the first thing I did was to deconstruct my bed and lay the mattress on the floor.  I put the leftover bed frame in the corner and hid it behind a brightly colored curtain, which ended up being a great backdrop for my dresser and television.  Now, the bed, fitting perfectly into the space right below my window, serves as a functional day bed for studying and hanging out, while still being a comfortable dwelling to fall asleep in at night.

Tip Two: Add color! 

Besides being cheerful and fun, the best part about color is that it helps disguise a messy room.  Colorful clutter no longer poses a problem because out of place objects blend right in.  I added color to my room by filling an entire wall with bright, distinctive posters and covering my bed with pillows of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Neither addition was expensive.  The posters were homemade, and the pillows came straight from the Marshalls on Boylston Street.

Tip Three: Enhance with some finishing touches

These finishing touches can be whatever your leftover budget allows, but they should be the final objects that tie your entire room together.  For me, the touches included a funky, paper lantern lamp to hang from my ceiling and three flameless candles for my windowsill.  I also set out any sparkly jewelry and pretty perfume bottles I had to add a little extra visual interest.

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