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Original photo by Jessica Brite

Dua Lipa Makes the Stage her Runway for the “Future Nostalgia” Tour

Aside from work revolving around my education and career, my life has been dedicated to learning everything I can about fashion, pop culture and music. So when videos dropped online of Dua Lipa rocking custom designer outfits for the first show of her “Future Nostalgia” tour, I knew I needed to go. I was in awe of how high quality all the pieces looked, and how Dua was able to deliver a flawless vocal and dance performance in full designer outfits. 

On February 16, I reposted one of the pictures I saw with the caption, “I need to buy last min tix just to see these outfits in person.” On February 18, I did just that, somehow scoring face value pit tickets that Ticketmaster dropped at 5 p.m. The following two hours before the concert started were a blur. I quickly wrapped up my work emails for the day, curled my hair, popped some glitter on my lids and threw together a last minute outfit that fit the vibe — bright pink and cream, zebra print, wide-legged pants and a black bodysuit. 

At exactly 9:15 p.m., TD Garden went black, the tour opening graphics began and Dua popped on stage clad in a neon catsuit with floral lace detailing and elbow high gloves as her track “Physical” blared through the venue. 

With all that being said, here is my ranking — I saved the best for last —of Dua Lipa’s concert outfits from her “Future Nostalgia” tour: 

4. The 80s-esque “athletic” ensemble by Marine Serre 

As most fashion followers know, the crescent moon is the trademark to designer Marine Serre who has built her brand and most of her infamous pieces with this logo. In recent years, Marine Serre’s pieces have become a staple in celebrities’ day to day wardrobe, with the likes of Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa herself, wearing them in casual looks. It was no surprise that one of Dua’s curated tour looks featured this iconic print. Despite black and pink being one of my all time favorite outfit color combinations, this was my least favorite look of the night because of the clashing athletic and lingerie pieces which the ensemble consisted of. The cropped, black zip-up and hot pink lace bra, paired with hipster cut bottoms and sheer pink tights was an accurate fit for the “Future Nostalgia” theme of the tour.

3. Blinged-out Versace Bodysuit

Over the past decade, the bodysuit has in a way become the pop star uniform for most female performers — think Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour, Beyoné’s Formation Tour and just about every award show performance. Dua’s second look of the night was this custom atelier bodysuit, covered in Swarovski crystals that reflected the stage light beautifully. For me, what made this piece stand out was the asymmetrical cut and trademark Versace cutouts that gave this bodysuit a unique and timeless feel.

2. Balenciaga Neon Catsuit 

I’ll be the first one to say I am not a fan of this particular yellowish-green, but if anyone could pull it off, it’s Dua Lipa. With that being said, the pictures simply do not do this piece justice. This custom neon Balenciaga catsuit paired with her statement gloves made for a show-stopping opening look. Most notably for me was the delicate lace floral detail of the catsuit’s material which made for the perfect contrast to the electric color of the piece itself.

1. Black and Nude Sparkling Mugler

Dua certainly saved the last look of the night for the best with this custom black and nude sparkling Mugler catsuit. I’ve always been a huge fan of Mugler’s pieces, particularly of the mesh paneling detail that the brand has mastered. So when I saw this piece posted on Mugler’s Instagram, I just knew I had to see it in person — and it did not disappoint. The glitter fabric of this whole piece caught the light so beautifully and truly elevated Dua’s stage presence in a way that only good clothing really can. 

Of all the concerts that I have been to over the course of living my fangirl life, “Future Nostalgia” definitely takes the cake for best fashion. Each piece was even more stunning in person than all the pictures online. If I’m being honest, it definitely made me feel 100 times better about buying that last minute floor ticket. 

All in all, Dua’s concert was an amazing experience with captivating vocals, fun dance moves, electric stage production, and of course, jaw-dropping outfits. 

Jessica Brite

Northeastern '23

Jess is a fourth-year journalism major with a double minor in communications and global fashion studies at Northeastern University. Born and raised in NYC Jess enjoys all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and music!