The Drawbacks of Having Bangs

Bangs look amazing in theory and when you think about the possibility of having bangs you imagine that they will always cooperate and look exactly the way you want them to. However, there are five possible factors that pose a threat to this perfect image in your mind. So before you make the drastic decision to cut off a big portion of your hair, take these into consideration.

Humidity, Humidity, Humidity

Truly the only thing that makes you hate having parts of your hair that are shorter than others is humidity that causes your hair to stick out of your head. You try to brush it too much and it sticks to your head; you don’t brush it enough and it looks like you’s been electrocuted and your hair is sticking out of your head. Not only are you having a bad hair day already, but now you don’t know how you should style your hair. Up or down? Half and half? Well your bangs will not work with any of it unless you use bobby pins, and let’s face it, no one wants to do that.

Hair Rollers

They are your new best friends, but it's kind of a love-hate relationship. Leave them in for too long and you have hair that is too curly (making you look like you traveled in time to some alternate dimension); too little and your hair is too flat and your bangs stick get your eyes. You can’t really predict how long you should keep hair rollers in your hair but you know you can’t just leave them as is because they will look extremely bad. God forbid you have to leave your apartment or face anyone at the door; at least when you laugh at yourself it makes things less awkward for everyone involved.


Let’s talk about how Boston weather doesn’t help you at all. On many occasions, you will leave your flat having perfected your hairstyle in the mirror, you have even perfected your makeup around said hairstyle. Don’t worry. The second you open your front door and step outside, all of your efforts will have gone to waste. If you like your somewhat curled bangs sticking up off the top of your head, then you are in a lot of luck. Otherwise, you look like you just rolled up to your classes in a spaceship.

Two Day Limit

No matter what, you have a timeline of about two days during which your hair will stay in place (meaning that it will be presentable to the public) and your bangs will not be sticking into your eyes. After this, your bangs stop being cooperative and you realize you need to wash your hair ASAP.

No Hair Straighteners

You would assume that you could use a straightener in order to get your hair to cooperate, but it kills any and all volume that you could possibly have in your hair. So you all know that you need to stay as far away from hair straighteners as possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t straighten the rest of your hair – just pray that you will wake up in the morning to bangs that magically look perfect.