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1. A braided pot! Do you have some plants in your room already, but feel like they could use a makeover? Check out this cute tutorial from Fall for DIY using air dry clay!

Courtesy of FallforDIY

2. Lavender Linen Spray: using a little lavender, vodka (or rubbing alcohol), and water, you can make an easy linen spray to make your sheets smell sweet and clean in no time!

Courtesy of HelloGlow

3. DIY Pom-Pom Garland! Do you have an empty wall or window that could use some color? Check out this tutorial from Momtastic for an easy (and cheap!) way to spice it up. All you need is yarn, scissors, a needle, and a large serving fork. If you’re not in a rush to get yarn, craftsy.com has some bargain yarn they can ship to you!

Courtesy of Momtastic

4. Anyone have tea tins? I don’t know about you, but I love drinking tea while I’m studying, and after seeing this, I know I need to head to the store to get some tins! It’s a win win! Fill your tin halfway with cactus soil, then place your plant in the tin. Add a little more dirt to make sure your tin is filled and your plant is not going to shake around. Make sure you keep your plants in a sunny spot and water them weekly!

Courtesy of Sisoo

5. Feeling a little overbooked? Make a paint chip calendar to lay out your month! Head to your local hardware store and get paint chips, a dry erase marker and a large (12”x16”) picture frame! Check out the tutorial here.

Courtesy of DIY Projects

6. Does your bed need a little makeover? Pillows feeling a little drab? Not a problem! Using water, sharpies, and white pillow cases, homemadeginger.com can teach you how to make a killer watercolor pillow!

Courtesy of Homemade Ginger

7. A modern tassel wall hanging! Wouldn’t this be cute above a bed!? Check out homeyohmy.com for the easy tutorial!

Courtesy of HomeyOhMy

8. Worried you’ll forget about your plants and they’ll die? Air plants are the plants for you! All they need is a bath once a week for at least 15 minutes. They’re perfect for the small spaces, and this tutorial shows you how to hang them, meaning they won’t take up any necessary space!


Courtesy of Clad and Cloth

9. Are your feet a little chilly on the tile or wood floors? Check out this tutorial for making your own rug!

Courtesy of SayYes

10. Use some of your printing dollars (because honestly who uses them all in one semester??) to print some wall art! BurlapandBlue.com has some great images (3 options pictured below, but there are tons more!) and so does Aliceandlois.com if you’re looking for more art and less quotes!

Courtesy of Burlap and Blue

I am a student, artist, and photographer at Northeastern University. Aspiring beekeeper, honey consumer and succulent lover, I have over 40 plants (and counting) in my room currently--not that there's enough space for them.
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