Dig Inn Review

An adorable new food spot just hit Boston!  This New York based restaurant chain just debuted its first location in Boston this July, and we have the scoop.



They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  (P.S. Boston is actually the only location so far with a full breakfast menu!).  They serve seasonal food, with all organic and regionally-sourced ingredients from Boston area vendors. For those of you looking to find healthy nearby places, definitely check this place out!! 

Breakfast starts bright and early at 7am, perfect for anyone wanting a meal before an early gym workout right before classes start. They serve egg sandwiches, harvest bowls, yogurt and granola, and a few of my favorites: the avocado toast, almost butter and banana toast, and quinoa waffles.  The quinoa waffles are so good. I think I’d actually prefer them over regular waffles...

Beverages include coffee, tea, juice, wine, beer, and my personal favorite: matcha.

Their lunch and dinner consist of “market bowls,” which are combinations of a grain base (either brown rice, toasted farro, and farm greens), a choice of two market sides (squash with lemon thyme, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower, and more), and a choice of protein (charred chicken thigh, herb roasted chicken, herb grilled steak, wild sockeye salmon, and more). On top of all these options, you can add on an avocado with salt and EVOO to any market bowl. They also have a variety of dressing options.  If you ask me, it’s the perfect way to get your vegetables in while away in college!



Fast-casual.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are offered on the menu and are all pre-made in small batches. The turnover is high, and your food will still be warm and fresh.  Since it’s a custom made market bowl, it’s similar to the style of Chipotle. You wait in line with all the ingredients ready and made, and then you go down the line as you create your own bowl. You can sit anywhere you want! 


Laid-back and casual.  This place attracts a young crowd with many students from all around Boston and definitely a ton of people that are just coming straight out of a workout class. It’s a rather open space with small tables for groups of two to four, large round tables for larger groups, a long counter bar, and a long cafeteria-style table. Even though it is getting a little chilly now, there are also plenty of outdoor patio seating as well! The overall vibe is kind of similar to a Sweet Green or Tatte. 



Instagram Worthy:

12/10. Perfect lighting. With delicious style bowls, marble tables with plants, pretty drinking glasses and bowls, it is perfect for great pictures. Geotag Dig Inn, and it’s the perfect setup for your next best Instagram photo.

Restaurant info:

557 Boylston Street

Boston, MA 0211