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The Different Types of People You See at the Gym

Gyms are quite an interesting gathering place; they are filled with people of all different statures and personalities. I thought it would be fun to categorize a few of the different types of gym goers. Maybe after reading this, you will identify one of these types of people at the gym.

1. The Muscle Shirt Man

    Everyone who has been to a gym has probably seen the “really buff guy” wearing a muscle shirt. They like to show off how “toned” their biceps are by continually flexing as they make their way around the gym. These people tend to gravitate toward the mirrors and stare at their reflection as much as they possibly can while they do their weight reps. My advice to the average sized bicep person is to not get in the way of a muscle shirt man’s mirror because with big biceps likely comes a big punch…


2. The Crop Top Girl

    In my personal opinion, the word “crop top” should not be associated with a gym. For starters, the gym is a place where you get sweaty. And if you are wearing a crop top, then your stomach has no protection and it would get gross with sweat. However, sweat doesn’t seem to be a problem for crop top girls because they tend to be more interested in showing off their fit body than actually getting a tough workout in.

3. The Excessive Perspirator  

    Speaking of getting sweaty at the gym, there is always that one person that is just dripping in sweat. When you see them, you may think “wow they must’ve been working really hard. Good for them.” Or more likely: “Wow I’ve never seen someone sweat so much in my life. How is it humanly possible to sweat that much.” My advice for you is to make sure you stay out of their splash zone and be sure to wipe down any machines they may have used.


4. The Vans Kid

    For some reason there is always at least one person working out in non-athletic shoes. Often in place of running shoes they are wearing vans or some sort of casual shoe. This does not only look ridiculous in a gym setting, but it is also terrible for your feet. Vans have absolutely no support. If you know a Vans kid or are a Vans kid yourself, I would highly suggest investing in some supportive shoes. Your Vans don’t make you look as cool as Daniel, just face it.


5. The music blaster

    There are definitely people at the gym that listen to their music way too loud. I confess I am one of those individuals. Personally, I don’t like to hear myself running so I blast my music so I can’t hear my feet below me. Doing so may mean that those around me can hear “Sorry” by Justin Bieber from 10 feet away, but gotta do what you gotta do to get a good workout in, right?


6. The avid Netflix watcher

    Plenty of people watch Netflix while they workout. Why not? If that helps pass the time and gets you to workout, might as well. But there are people that walk around the gym eyes glued to their phone who could easily run into a wall by accident because they are so invested in their glowing screen. Be sure to keep an eye out for these individuals and save them from running into machines or people. And don’t be alarmed at someone who randomly laughs at their phone; it was probably in reaction to a hilarious crack made by Chandler Bing.


7. The gym rat

    Whether you go to the gym at 8 a.m. or 10 p.m. you will see this individual because they eat, sleep, and breath the gym. They are normally very fit and you are jealous they can invest so much time into working out. Seriously, do they ever do homework?


8. The old woman/man that works harder than you

    You have to face it. There is always some older member of society that is working out beside you and you can’t keep up. It’s amazing to see and frustrating at the same time because a 70-year-old is more fit than you.


9. The machine hogger

    Every now and then you can spot those people that should honestly just go out and elope with their machine because they are basically married to it. Do they ever workout on a different machine? Nope. They hog it. That is the simple answer. They love their machine too much to let another individual have any time with it.


10. The Goof

Sometimes there are some unique individuals that make the gym all the more of an interesting place to be. Although I have yet to see a guy dancing like this on an elliptical, there have been many other strange instances that can probably compare.


If you feel like you have no clue what I’m talking about, I suggest you lace up your athletic, (non-Vans shoes) head to the gym, and observe for yourself. 

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