Did Bachelor Nick Viall Make the Right Choice?

Last Monday the world found out who the latest bachelor, Nick Viall, chose to get engaged to: Vanessa, the special needs teacher from Montreal, Canada. I was disappointed with his choice to say the least. After a season famous for the feuds between the women and Corinne, the winner of Nick’s heart was finally announced, yet the ending was far from what I expected or what I think should’ve happened.


When it came down to Raven and Vanessa, I had no doubt about the fact that Raven should’ve left the show with a ring on her finger. Regardless this won’t be the last we see of Raven as she plans to be on Bachelor in Paradise later this year. That being said, I think the biggest mistake that Nick made was sending Rachel home. Rachael and Nick had natural chemistry and a relationship that was very pure. But sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, and based on his track record Nick has always been interested in women with very strong personalities and Vanessa surely does fit this profile.


The real question is how sure Vanessa was about her relationship with Nick given her threats to not accept his engagement if it is only because their relationship outshines his relationship with someone else. Can I just say that she isn’t being fair to any of the other women; she knows the show’s rules and knows that a man will end up picking a wife from a pool of around 30 women. What did she expect?

Let’s just say that the format of the show makes it so that someone is choosing a partner based on how they feel about them. But we are all human so it may just happen that the person with the power may have feelings for more than one individual and may end up choosing a life partner based on who they have stronger feelings for.

Vanessa was also quick to discuss how their relationship had its ups and downs during interviews but one thing that seems to not be an issue is their plan to have her move to LA where Nick currently lives. The question I have is why was this not decided on the show since she had such reservations about getting engaged and earlier on in the show she said that her weekly family gatherings are not something she is willing to sacrifice. So I have a question for them: is she going to travel to Montreal every week? Or are they going to move to Montreal after Nick finishes Dancing with the Stars?

My prediction: this relationship will not last. It seems like they have a lot they haven’t figured out yet, and they both seem to be stubborn about certain topics.