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The Denial of Returning from Spring Break

For weeks you’ve been telling yourself, “I just need to make it to spring break.” But now that spring break has come and passed, it is time to return to the reality that is school. However, that isn’t always the easiest thing to do if you are still on “spring break mode.” Below are the stages of denial you may experience as you return to school.

1.     You wake up in your dorm bed at a ghastly hour with the realization that you don’t get to go to the beach today, but rather you have to go to class.


2.     Your mind, still on vacation, tells your body to stay in bed for a little while longer.


3.     You contemplate whether class will miss you.


4.     Then you finally get yourself up and look in your closet.


5.     A tear rolls down your cheek as you reach for your pants, boots, and snow coat.



6.     As you change, you glance at your sandy flip flops that sit sadly in the corner of your room.


7.     You force yourself to look away and focus on packing your backpack.


8.     You think about all of the classes you have that day, sit down, and just take a minute to breathe.


9.  You wonder if you should just drop out of school and permanently move to Cabo.


10.  Then you realize you have no money and need to get educated to get a job.


11.  You reluctantly get up and leave for class, struggling to walk through the wind tunnels (which is Mother Nature’s way of agreeing with you that you shouldn’t be going to class.)


12.  When you get to class you plop down on a seat and start to discuss your break with your friends.


13.  Your teacher quiets everyone and probably asks about spring break or tries to make some lame joke which only aggravates your mood more.


14.  As your teacher starts to lecture, you open your camera roll and look through all of the photos from break.


15.   A few more tears trickle down your face.



16.  Gathering yourself, you wipe your tears and try to listen to the teacher.



17.  But you can’t focus the whole class because you can’t stop thinking about how 24 hours ago you were someplace warm with a smoothie in your hand sitting on a beach.


18.  And now you are in a lecture hall…


19.  You decide to be positive and focus your energy on counting how many days there are until summer vacation.


20.   You get lost in thought thinking of all the fun things you can do when you are free again…



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