De-Stress With Yoga

It’s that time of year again, the semester is coming to a close and to round out the past couple months; students are being tested on all of the information they have learned. Yes, it is finals week. Whether studying organic chemistry, managerial accounting or psychology, this is a highly stressful time for most students, even those who have kept up on their schoolwork.

To help to combat some of the stress, I have complied a list of stress relieving yoga poses for those much needed study breaks. (Also, don’t try to be that person that doesn’t take study breaks, they are very healthy and you shouldn’t be sitting around for hours at a time. Get up and move around, get re-energized).

First, take a couple deep breaths before jumping into the poses. Remember to continue breathing in and out at a regular pace when going through the exercises.

1. Chair Pose

2. Tree Pose

3. Child’s Pose

4. Extended Triangle Pose

5. Cat Pose

6. Corpse Pose or Savasana (Try not to fall asleep)

7. Meditate for 2 minutes

Hopefully you feel more relaxed and willing to tackle these last finals