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Daniel Davis: Her Campus Northeastern’s New Gay BFF!

Name: Daniel Davis
Age: 21
Hometown: Amelia Island, FL
Year: Senior, Class of 2011
Major: Accounting
Social Media: Facebook, Personal Twitter, NU’s Gay BFF Twitter

Favorite article of clothing: Currently a leather button up shirt that I just bought from AllSaints. I rock it every chance I get.  My all time favorite though has to be my pair of Armani – Project (Red) sneakers. They sold out the fastest of any item Armani has ever created and I was lucky enough to get some!
Where you can find me on Saturday night: Either on the dance floor or out of town. If it’s 2am and I’m not whiping my hair back and forth something is seriously wrong.
Favorite Designer: Daywear – Burberry hands down. But for designs sake no one can beat the late Alexander McQueen; his shows were visually and conceptually mind-blowing.
Hobbies: Traveling, Running, Shopping, Tweeting, Eating Exotic Foods
5 things I can’t live without: My Blackberry, Freedom, my shoe collection, my family, and Quad  Iced Venti Soy Carmel Macchiato’s.
Where I’ll be in 5 years: On the brink of making it big in the shoe game. Designing shoes for a collaborative company, called Sivad, made up of my own and all of my friends fashion brands.
Favorite Spot in Boston: Sitting on the swan boat pier in the public gardens at midnight.  It is so serene and quite it seems like a whole other world but you are still right down town.  It is the best place to be in life.
Worst pickup line that has been used on me: “My boyfriend said it’s ok if I have you over tonight.” Heinous…but then again…it worked…
My celebrity look a like: Depends what look/hair I’m rocking but people have said everything from David Beckham to Andy Dick.
Favorite Spot in the World: Tromso, Norway.  I went dog sledding under the Northern Lights, followed by eating reindeer stew in an Indian teepee, last year and it was the most phenomenal experience of my life.
The most embarrassing thing I’m willing to admit on the Internet: On New Years, in Paris, my tinsel pants (yes I own tinsel pants) ripped clear down my butt. Later that evening I was offered 200 Euros and some Ecstasy because a 45 year old man thought I was a prostitute.
Perfect Date: One where you plan the next date hours before the first one ends.
Interesting/fun fact about me: I have lived in 9 states and 3 countries.
What I notice first about a girl: Her eyes and if she has enough confidence to look in mine.
What I first notice about a guy: The way he dances.

I am simple , friendly.
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