Courtney Rainey, Lobbying for a Better Tomorrow

Name: Courtney Rainey
Year: Senior
Major: Political Science
Hobbies: Baking, going to Punter's, ringing you up at Wollaston's, and trying to learn about hockey (so far, my boyfriend has gotten me to remember that points are different than goals, what icing is, and the playoff structure.)
On Campus Activities: Northeastern University Political Review (6 semesters), NU Political Science Student Association (3 semesters), de facto member of College Democrats.

How did you get involved with NUPR? I had heard that a fellow Political Science work study student was trying to start a political review on campus and that they needed a secretary. So I showed up, gave my five minute spiel, and was elected. Three years later, I'm president and could not be prouder of our staff and writers for the amazing publication they produce.

What have you done for Co-op? Family Day Intern for the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, Field Coordinator for Tom Conroy for US Senate, and coming up for the fall I will be a Legislative Aid at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

What was it like going to Washington D.C. to lobby for financial aid? Gratifying, which I doubt is a word most people use when referring to Washington. When we spoke with the staff of the offices of the Senators and Congress members we had appointments with they appeared to be genuinely happy that students were taking part in defending the continuation of financial aid programs. I wouldn't be going to college anywhere if it weren't for financial aid, so it was great to stand up for something I have an enormous stake in and that should help every student who needs it to help secure a better future for themselves.

What is your ideal job after graduation? Shadowing Hillary Clinton or Ruth Bader Ginsberg, but unfortunately I do not think those are real jobs.  Researching, drafting, or lobbying for health care reform is at the top of my list, but will hopefully be unnecessary by the time I enter the real world.

Who is the coolest political celebrity you've met? Jimmy McMillan (he can't remember my actual name and just calls me Simply Red) [of The Rent is Too Damn High fame.]

If students are interested in politics (anywhere on the spectrum) and want to get involved on campus, what do you suggest? Ask. Literally. College Democrats, College Republicans, and the Political Science Student Association are always receiving emails from different campaigns, bureaus, and offices about expanding to campus and Roxbury and are always hosting events where you can meet local politicians and have your questions answered directly from the source.